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Tone winner and 7300 question

Now, my unit was purchased through a great guy, whom bought the unit from Aamir. I'm very much impressed with the unit. Runs like a dream ! The question I have is? I'm running it off a 15 amp recepticles. I'm going to upgrade, a dedicated 20 amp line, breaker, audiophile grade recepticles, maybe even a line conditioner at my panel. To the point, can I now use a 20 amp cord, with the unique adapter? Will I get better harmonic distortion? This question is for Aamir or any one with the qualified electrical knowledge. Thanks

Excellent small speakers

Tonewinner D4000 Subs

I bought two of these subs to replace my Polk HTS 10’s. As soon as I hooked them up I played some music and there was a significant and noticeable improvement. These subs hit low!! Where they really shine though is with movies. I decided to test them out with a random X-Men movie. There was a scene where there was a car wreck and these things shook the entire house. my 11 year-old daughter, came out of her room with this very concerned look on her face, she didn’t know what was happening and things started rattling off of her dresser in her room!!’ I don’t have them yet. Need to get proper room calibration done in the immediate future. And I know they sound so much better once that is completed. I’m super happy with this purchase

Great sound

Cannot really say anymore than others have said. Sounds great.

SVS Ultra Evolution

About a month ago I upgraded all of my home theatre speakers with the Ultra Evolution Series. I already had very good speakers but once i installed my new speakers it was incredible. I was taken aback at how clean, rich and detailed the sound was. The sound form a 4K Atmos movie is so good I would rather purchase the disk and watch the movie on my home theatre than actually go to the theater. My system has the Pinnacle Towers, center and bookshelf and two SB-4000 Subs. I also intend to replace my Atmos speakers with the Ultra Elevation. Ray

Quick delivery.. Can definitely hear and feel the difference coming from my Onkyo RZ50.. have my LCR and side satellite speakers connected..and for the price 10 stars!!!

SB3000 Slams

Wow, I knew this would be better than my old MK105 Mk2 but omg this sub is killer. It literally shakes my neighborhood. It's so good.


The AMG DAC is a wonderful sounding DAC and having owned so many Dacs in the past this is right up at the top performance wise. Was very pleased with the transaction with Summit HiFi and Aamir was so attentive to my needs, couldn't ask for more. Thanks, Alex


You may think your avr is good enough, and it may be. But who wants good enough? If you have the means, do yourself a favor and just buy it. You're welcome. Even 2 channel the difference is blatant. It's not subtle at all. It's priced way lower than it should be, honestly. And the service from Amir is even better than the products he sells.

Absolutely Amazing!

Was on the website looking to order the SW-D6000 to compare against the SVS PB-16 Ultra I already had. I wanted to compare before deciding which subwoofer to go with and then go dual. That's when I saw the SW-D8000 and was immediately drawn in. I had some additional questions, sent an email, and Aamir ended up giving me a call to discuss on the phone and answer any questions I had. After receiving the D8000, I hooked it up and started comparing it against the SVS PB-16 Ultra. After a couple of weeks, it was clear which sub I was going to end up going dual with. I ended up selling my PB-16 Ultra and then immediately contacted Aamir to place another order for a second D8000! In my room, the D8000 just hits different and definitely got lower than the PB-16 Ultra. I love using the app to control the sub and find you can make many more fine adjustments than the SVS. I'm looking forward to receiving my second D8000 and then running ARC Genesis on my Anthem AVM 70. I think I'm going to end up purchasing a Mini DSP and UMIK-1 to really fine tune the system. It goes without saying, Aamir's customer support and service are top notch and second to none! Thank you Aamir and I look forward to future products releases.

Review of AT-300 Pre-Pro and AD-5100PA Amplifier

I purchased this combo processor and amp from Amir to replace my Marantz SR 7011 A/V receiver as the HDMI board was acting up. The processor is being used for everything and 4 channels on the AD-5100PA is powering my height speakers. The versatility of this combo is incredible, starting with processing power, DSP fields, and multiple inputs and outputs for HDMI, analog, optical, SW, balanced and unbalanced ports. The only thing that needs to be done is 2 output triggers in stead of 1, WIFI capability, and quirky Bluetooth app that works and doesn't work. My main surround speakers are powered by Tonewinner AD-7300. I am using 2 SVS PB2000 Pro's for bass. I am extremely pleased with this combination with my Klipsch speakers. Amir has been absolutely amazing to deal with!!!!

Amazing power amp for the price

Pairing with an Anthem MRX720 using the 5 channels for center, rears and atmos. May change to LCR in the future but for now very content. Sounds and looks fantastic and Aamir lives up to the high customer service others have mentioned. Truly a great purchase and very happy. Thanks Aamir!!

AD-2PRO+ is well worth the money!

The AD-2PRO+ is one of the best integrated amplifiers I've ever owned and I've been in the hobby over 50 years!
It compares to a $12,000.00 Mark Levinson integrated.
Soundstage, tonality and build quality are incredible!

This is an incredible amplifier, and so inexpensive! I have had stand-alone amps that cost three times the price of this AD-2PRO+! How did ToneWinner pull this off? I have to say, this amplifier is simply amazing! And the internal DAC, it is right there, if not better then my other two DACs from PS Audio and Bel Canto. This integrated amplifier is true audiophile gear.

You have got to be kidding me!

I honestly do not know if this review will do justice to this amp. This much sound for so little money? I'm listening to my AD-2PRO+ right now, driving a pair of Maggie LRS+, with a pair of Zu DW6 Supremes on the other speaker output. Two sets of speakers, and I can switch between the two on the fly.

I have no clue why this amplifier is not more popular, and the cost savings alone over the AD-1 PA+... This is virtually the same amplifier, and it will drive just about anything you can throw at it. Yes, it is integrated, but it also has a very cool feature that allows you to bypass the preamp and DAC section and simply run the Amp as a stand alone unit, which is great if you have a stand alone DAC or preamp you favor. And this amp is very holographic, I find myself looking over my shoulder more times than I did with my HT setup.

Musical, natural sounding, exquisitely detailed, lively, and I am hearing things I have never heard in recordings I thought I knew. My buddy bought one of these same amplifiers, and he is comparing it to the $12,000 Mark Levinson integrated. He has been in this racket for over 50 years, knows many in the industry, many that you all have heard of, and he has owned some gear. When he says it is good, it is good. And my ears are telling me the same thing, this is GOOD!

This is simply a well thought out, incredible sounding integrated amplifier at an incredible price. I don't know how they did it, but they did. I have had a few amps through here, nothing like my buddy, but in that $3000 to $5000 range, and they could not even come close to doing what this TW AD-2PRO+ is doing.

Right now I have a $2000 PS Audio DAC hooked up, and it is like splitting hairs with the internal DAC of the AD-2PRO+. I could and can live with either. This integrated amp does so many things just right. I honestly have not found any faults with it. The sound just continues to impress the hell out of me. If you are looking at one of these ToneWinner amps, put the AD-2PRO+ on your short list.

Absolutely beautiful

Best amplifier you can buy at this price in order to get better, you would have to go up at least $10,000 in price even then you’re still not gonna get an amplifier as good looking as this I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but China should be proud This amplifier is truly a work of art build quality is five stars sound quality is definitely five stars You can’t go wrong with this purchase thank you Amir and Summit hi-fi

A7 Amp

Simply put, this thing is amazing, beautiful, and a beast! Clear, clean power and a huge upgrade for my setup. Love this thing

My Sub arrived with a faulty driver..... I am posting my review one year later.

Yes, the people at SVS were very helpful but the distributor in Canada lacked the knowledge that a Driver Removal Kit should have also been sent to me with the replacement driver. It only took 2 people 3 hours to struggle, tug, pull and yank the drive out of its tight, very tight enclosure. I have to cut a hole into the woofer cone in order to pull the driver out but that was the easy part. Trying to wedge the new driver into a hole 1 mm smaller than the driver size was a nightmare. I only made one 1/4 inch scratch that I fixed with a black sharpy pen. The new driver works flawlessly and I really enjoy the pair of SB4000 for my home theatre and music room.

Amazing speakers

I just received my gloss white Pinnacles a day ago. Even fresh out of the box they are very impressive. Crisp detailed highs, very present mids and deep, tight controlled base. They also throw a realistic soundstage with clear separation between instruments. Best of all - in spite of their size they look beautiful. I’m sure I will be enjoying them for years to come.

A7s Monsters

First off Thank You Aamir, who successfully made sure my order arrived just as it set in the warehouse, well packaged, anyways shipping can be a pain, right out of the box I hooked the heavy weights up to my ONKYO TX-RZ50 all 11 channels of them, after all the wiring was completed, and after the Dirac Calibration, I have to say and agree, these heavy hitters are no joke, they will wake your speakers up, not to mention the sound separation process, which is amazingly noticeable. ATMOS music sounds incredibly rich and full, and I can’t say enough about the sound processing on movies the likes of Ready Player One, Batman, and many more. With only a week in, I would love to take a few more weeks and come back for a in-depth review after they break in. You can’t go wrong for (not) spending 5k or more for just one amplifier. So if you’re going to go separates this would be my choice for clean power hands down.

Absolute beast of a unit!

This thing is freakin heavy!! You will need help lifting it out of the superbly packaged box. Btw love the packaging, very robust! This thing is n absolute power house!! It’s got my floor stage thumping and it’s barely breaking a sweat. The vu meters are very responsive and the screen can get very bright or dim. I’m very happy with my purchase and Aamir was very great to work with. I absolutely recommend this amplifier if you’re in the market for one. The only thing I would change about would be channel designation on the rear terminal panel. With the double stacked rca and speaker terminals I wasn’t quite sure which one was left channel speaker terminal or right speaker terminal. At first glance it took me a second to realize that it was spelled out in the instructions so thankful for that but me being new to all this having them marked near the speaker terminal like they are on the rca would’ve been a nice added touch to make it even simpler to hook up which it already is super easy. Anyway if you’re thinking about buying this amp stop and just buy it you won’t be disappointed at all.

Equipment used: denon x3800h. Klipsch klf 30s, c7, rp160s, rp500sa. Mini dsp, sinbosen fp14 and gsg audio subs.

Such a great value!

Hello! I ordered two of these Subs a while ago. I've been enjoying them so much, that I've forgotten about writing a review. I haven't done much tweaking to them. As they've been great out of the box. Aamir spoke with me over the phone, to help me get them going. And i haven't looked back. Movies are so much more immersive now. And for music, they kick just wonderfully. These are by far the best value per performance, that I've discovered. I've never had a Sub that go go down to 20hz, and a little lower. I never knew what I was missing. And I'll never look back again. Thanks Aamir!


This was referred by spec of tec, coming from a 12 inch klipsch to this, I never knew how much low end I was missing, my whole couch shakes, it does take a lot of time getting the bass tight but it's well worth the time, and support is fantastic I will be upgrading more with summit hifi in the future

TW AD-8300

Solid amplifier. Simple clean design. Quite no hiss. Highly recommended.

Installed Dual DS6000 Subwoofers- Very pleased

I now have a 4 sub setup, I added 2 DS6000 to my existing 2 x SVS PB2000. The integration worked out well. The DS6000 are placed near field, sound and tractile feel is amazing. The Tone Winner App along with DS6000's internal DSP made setup a charm. I verified the DS6000s performance with REW, frequency response, distortion and group delay are all great. Ordering and shipping from Summit HiFi went without a hitch, Aamir was very helpful with prepurchase questions . Highly recommend you purchase from them.