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Top end equipment with a great sound

Very interesting

For the price I had to go for it but after I got it it replaced my Bob Carver Sunfire I'm not so sure it's an upgrade but it is growing on me it's a lot brighter than the sun fire amp sound wise and more forward but after calibration and possible burn in either the amplifier or my ears this seems to be getting better if you have the money go for it

Fantastic Product, Fantastic Company

I'll speak firsthand about Summit Hi-Fi, this has been one of my favourite buying experiences. Aamir is dedicated to his customers and has made a customer for life. While I won't disparage any particular audio store in Canada, many have a lot they could learn from Aamir.

The SB-1000 made such a huge difference to my set up. I knew not having a sub was hampering my listening experience, but I didn't realize to what extent. The subwoofer combined with the soundpath feet make for an extremely tight listening experience.

Great product, great service

Ordered an SVS subwoofer (which turned out to be awesome), and Aamir texted me after and was happy to answer my questions. Highly recommended.

Svs sb16 ultra

Got the subwoofer delivered promptly. Great fast service and Aamir provides the best customer service. Very satisfied and plan on shopping here again.

Amazing sound

Powerful and well balanced. Adds bass without overwhelming the rest of the tones, blending perfectly.
Great customer service by Amir- very impressed with his reach out supportive attitude.

Fantastic Service

Aamir always goes above and beyond in everything he does. Thanks again SummitHIFI.

Ended up getting a SB16

SB16 is an amazing sub!!!

SVS Prime Elevation in White

Purchased a pair of white gloss SVS Prime Elevations for Dolby Atmos. The white gloss blended nicely with my décor as a height speaker should. These have elevated (no pun intended) my movie experience to a new level. If you are looking for great sounding Atmos speakers, these should be on the top of your list.
The excellent customer service Aamir provides along with his vast knowledge and recommendations, is top notch. I’ve ordered from Summit Hi-Fi in the past and will definitely place future orders. Highly recommended!

Great sound

Took a chance on this amp and glad I did. It sounds amazing with movies and music. Have it powering my main 5 speakers and a monolith the other 6. No regrets

The greatest thing that ever happen to my system

I have had my 7300 TW 7ch. Amplifier for a week now, I am very empresses the look, style ,model in all just beautiful besides that the sound is awesome bringing my home theatre to life it gives me such dynamic and headroom that I feel comfortable with watching movies, it also give me comfort when I’m playing my music at reference level adding the TW 7300 7Ch. To my existing system brings everything to life. I highly recommend this 7300 Tone Winner amplifier it’s a beast the right touch to your system at a awesome price well worth the money I like to thank Aamir for recommending 7300 to me I am very please and will be forever thankful for Aamir time he is easy to speak with amd he know is stuff😄 Summitt HiFi did not let me down forever a costumer ❤️

SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer
Kendrick Galano
Great subwoofer and service

Seamlessly integrates in system. Great functionality - app is much better than expected. Aamir from Summit was very accommodating with my purchase. Recommended on all fronts.

Nuprime EVO ONE

Finest amplifier. Top of the line detail in movies and music. Thanks Aamir for these.


Beautiful sub

Absolutely Amazing!

A good sub is the best investment in any system, and this one is amazing!

My first sub was an entry level Polk. I used to think my system was okay, but I now know it was far from okay. My new PB 1000 Pro makes my entire home theatre & music listening experience so much better, I really am blown away by what a huge difference one speaker can make to a system, I now literally want to watch all my old blu-rays again. If not for a friends recommendation I may not have gone this route, but boy am I glad I did. I have not regretted this purchase, even once.

Also need to give a huge kudos to the SVS customer service team. They were super helpful and quick in getting me the info I needed to help me set up my receiver for the best possible output of my sub.

Two thumbs up! 👍 👍

This is not a commercial advertisement. Proudly servicing Canadians 🇨🇦. Thanks again for the friendly with the owner Aamir of Summit Hi-Fi. Shop with confidence authorized dealer of NuPrime Audio online. A great CD transport! 💯

AT-300 - 16 CHANNEL PRE-PRO For $1199 ( Free Shipping)

amazing bass

First time ordering from Summit and first time subwoofer purchase. Amazing sound and extremely quick shipping. Would definitely order again from Summit!

Perfect balance between size, performance, and price!

Added an SB-1000 Pro to my SVS Ultra Towers to provide that last little bit of foundation that I was looking for my 2 channel listening. Don't let the size fool you. The extension down low and musicality is unmatched. Will be coming back soon for a second one to balance out my system!

AD-7300 2.0 nice amp

Very nice amp so far.I really like the build quality,heavy aluminum.sound quality is clean and detailed.Aamir took me by surprise when he called just to make sure I was satisfied and had any questions. obviously he cares about his business and customers amazing service,thanks

Personal Review of the Tone Winner Ad-1PA

After 2 weeks and over 100+ hours of break in period of this amazing amplifier I have finally sat down and for a period of two days and over 10+ hours of nothing but heavenly listening sessions here is what I think of the Tone Winner AD-1PA.

This Class A Stereo Amplifier is without a doubt the best amplifier that I have ever owned at any price. I have been an Audiophile for more than 25 years owning nothing but the best in high end audio equipment up to the $25K price range. I have owned Pass Labs, Mark Levinson, McIntosh, Bryston, Krell, Musical Fidelity, P S Audio, Classe, Parasound Halo ( JC1 Monoblocks) and this Tone Winner AD-1PA has a lot of the qualities of many of this amplifiers but it brings them to another high end level of sound that I have not being able to find in any of those previous well made amplifiers that I have owned in the past.

Please, I want to make very clear that in no way I am saying anything bad about those previously owned amplifiers. I have enjoyed the time that I had them but there was always something missing that I I could not figured out what it was. That's why in my search for music nirvana I kept looking and switching amps. It was until two years ago that my last Stereo Amplifier was the McIntosh MC-452 . Nice sounding amplifier but it was too lay back for my taste. Not a bad thing if you like amplifiers that have that sound but for my taste it wasn't what I was looking for. I sold it to a very good friend of mine and I was without an amplifier in my system until I decided to give this AD-1PA a try.

For many years here in the United States in the high end audio world many of us are led to believe that audio equipment made in China is nothing but low end equipment. That is not made to compete with "high end " expensive audio brands sold here in the US. That if the equipment does not cost a lot it may be cheap. And although in some cases some of this high end equipment made in China may not have been built with high end parts this is not the case with this Tone Winner Brand. I spent a lot of time researching this particular amplifier and found out that it has been built with nothing but high end quality parts and over all it is a well built high end amplifier. But to me what matters is the sound and this amplifier takes the music to the next level and this is why,
1- Highs- The sound is so crystal clear and transparent . You can spend hours listening without feeling fatigue that's associated with metallic sounding highs. Outstanding sound dispersion and quality between instruments and vocals. Just perfect !
2- Midrange - So luscious sounding. The sound is more natural with a midrange and grain free treble. The imaging and precision of the instruments is the best that I have heard. The soundstage is wide and deep . It is such a delight listening to it because it is so warming sounding. Everything sounds with such a terrific balance and tonality that you can spend endless hours listening to it.
3-Bass - Wow! All I can say is , Wow! I did not expect this amazing low end bass extension. It is as if the bass hits the low end notes with authority but not being boomy at all and then it extends so heavenly and sublime across the room . It hits the low end extension with the speed that is required but in a perfect level of accuracy and detail. The best low end bass extension that I have ever heard in any amplifier.

Do I care that this remarkable sounding amplifier was made in China ,Nah! not at all . Many kudos to Tone Winner for making such a wonderful sounding amplifier. If this amplifier was to be sold here in the US thru dealers trust me when I tell you that the price will not be $1999 it will be way more and perhaps over $5K . When you see this amp in person you will think that it will cost no less than $10K . If there was a blind test perform with this amplifier and or if you were to cover the Tone Winner name and just play it in a room with audiophiles and ask them how much do they think the amp will cost after listening to it I know for a fact that they will say at least $10,000 .

My listening session was performed in pure Class A all the time. The amplifier runs a little hot but not to the point that you will burn your hands if you touch it. My living room just got warm but not hot and that was with the outside temperature being between 75 -80*. Many reviewers admit that Class A amplifiers and the most inefficient but they also admit that the best sound is obtain using a Class A amplifier. The Class A amp is inefficient if you just turn it on and leave it there as space heater doing nothing but if you are like me who is going to turn it on and enjoy the best sounding music reproduction that a well built Class A amplifier can offer then the Tone Winner AD-1PA is the Amp for you.

Equipment used ,
Marantz SC-11S1 Preamplifier
Marantz SA-11S2 SACD Player
Tone Winner AD-1PA Class A Stereo Amplifier
Aurum Cantus Grand Harmony II Speakers

Skeptical until installed. WOW

I am running a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos system with KEF Q series for my base level and Klipsch Reference for my heights. My AVR is a Denon X3700H. I had everything running off the receiver for around 6 months and while I was happy, the heat generated was absolutely insane. Fans kept the receiver from melting down but obviously it was being pushed to it limits, especially at louder volumes. My speakers range from 3.5ohm to 8ohm at sensitivities ranging from 87 to 91 and up to 200W. This is fine at quiet levels for the X3700H but at loud levels it was a huge workout for it; I could cook eggs on it I swear.

So I was reading about my Q950s and how the upper range really "opens up" or shines with quality continuous power. This intrigued me as I love sitting down and listening to music. While I was quite satisfied as things were for stereo listening, I just felt like some music (specifically rock) was a little flat sounding. So I thought YOLO and I started looking for power amplifiers.

After a few days of researching power amps I was set on buying a Monolith 5X. I wanted to support a small business if possible since I run one myself and I found Summit Hi-Fi. I called in to ask some questions about the Monolith 5X and Amir had mentioned that the TW 7300 was a ouch better deal. Since there was a money back guarantee I decided to give it a try. It took a few weeks to get to my remote location in Canada which was no big deal because I like to think great things are worth waiting for.

In the meantime I had posted some questions on Reddit about power amp benefits. Some people on their tried to crush my spirits by telling me I wasted my money and that this amp is a cheap Chinese product. Well my amp showed up and I've been running it for a few weeks now and wow were those guys so wrong.

This thing is a TANK and fits perfectly in any man cave. Looks great, makes my speakers sound great, stays cool, VU meter is nostalgic for me. I have nothing bad to say about this amp.

My Q950s while stereo listening came to life with all types of music, especially while listening loud. Distortion at higher levels went away and ear fatigue is less. I'm not making this up. I was already happy with my purchase at this point and then I decided to watch some UHD movies. At quiet-medium levels there isn't much of a difference but at higher volumes there is a very obvious difference. My KEF's came to life and I just can't describe how much happier I am. To finalize my opinion I watched one final movie - Mad Max: Fury Road. I had the house to myself so I made sure to turn it up nice and loud; just how I like it.

INSANE! That's all I can say. I drove my system hard for 2 hrs straight and the amp barely got warm. This thing is a true beast. Assuming it holds up for years to come this purchase was a perfect addition to my very deserving system. I feel like if you're spending $10k+ on a home theater what's another 2k to make sure it's the best it can be.

Thanks Amir!!

Micro 3000

Aamir is great guy to deal with and knowledgeble in HIFi. The intent of SB 3000 was to pair it with Naim Atom/Focal Chora 806 to be set up in my 5th wheel camper. The size was perfect with dual woofer . My use is almost 90% HIFi listening so I really did not want the Boom, Boom but almost the lows to take off where the speakers leave and make the lows disappear as if sound coming out of the speaker. The app enables me to control the setting very conveniently. I am happy with the purchase. For larger room you may want consider bigger sub.
The finish in White is sharp looking and the dimension is very appropriate for my 5th wheel RV. When the kids watch movies it sounds amazing with the Sub on to default setting. SVS makes precise sounding Sub at much lower price point than JL. Even for home hifi you could probably afford a pair of SB 4000 than a single JL F112. And 2 subs will absolutely sound better than 1, pushing the air bit more precisily and you will be amazed to hear the SQ improve.

Great Home Theatre Amplifier AD-7300 Version 2.0

I was looking for a 7 channel amplifier for my home theatre system. I looked into ones by Parasound, Anthem, Outlaw and Emotiva. I selected the ToneWinner based upon the price point, reviews, warranty and power output. I have only used it for a couple movies but I am very happy. Previously I was running two 2 channel amplifiers for the front and rear speakers. I am running a 7.2.4 system thru a Denon X3600H and Paradigm Monitor series speakers. I am leaving the Denon pre pro to handle the Dolby Atmos speakers which are infrequently used. And yes, being Canadian, I used hockey pucks under the feet to improve air circulation to avoid any heat issues. I am not sponsored nor an audiophile expert but I am very satisfied with my selection. Service was first rate from Summitt HI Fi and the delivery was quick. The box arrived in good condition and was double boxed and wrapped in plastic. Set up was easy and I personally like the big meter on the face and blue lights. I have dimmed the lights to the lowest setting and it not distracting. If you are on the fence, I suggest ordering now given the world wide semi conductor shortage.

10 stars

Very very good amplifier I’m so happy also very good customer service