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I'm still learning all that is to know about hifi but the subwoofer is more than I expected. Going from a cheap one to a a good one you can sure hear the difference; you don't have to turn it up to hear all the sub frequencies and thus when you don't have to it doesn't sound boomy. The app makes things so easy to configure and easy to swap between movies and music. It's size makes it ideal for me since I have a smaller room.

It was interesting to get a call from the vendor; it made it a nice touch to the purchase.

Pratik Patel

Very good projector

App is good for immediate waf

If you're looking for a great sub woofer. Get the SVS 1000 p or b with the PRO. Sitting on the couch when the company watching tv with you complain about peeling walls. Just open the app and set db to slow complaints. When alone just go back to stripping the paint. And Aamir is great to deal with. Understands your needs and gets the speakers delivered ASAP....


Awesome - 16 Ch Processor

Had this unit for a few months. And to me it is a Gamechanger. Having been a owner top Pioneer Elite Receivers. Of which I only used the Pre-outs. Using external amps. I must say this AT-300 Woke up sounds I Never heard with the Pioneer. Having to re-watch a bunch of movies all over again. Was a Eye opener. I've been wanting a Processor for the longest time. But most were out of my price range. This was spot on..

Pro - Really open up my AQ in movies. No internal amps. Stays cool to the touch. Easy set-up. Very affordable price.
Cons - No English Manual. I pretty much figure it out and made adjusts. And for some Strange reason two times the unit Froze up after watching a movie. I just turn it off and back on it ran fine after..

Update: I just saw a Download of the Manual in English and printed it out. And there's a firmware update. I will see maybe that might fix the freezing up..


More then happy. I Would recommend Summit for sure.

Great costumer service

Amazing sound by this subwoofer right out from the box and also Great costumer service by Aamir, thank you

New!! SVS PB 1000 PRO
Matthew Payne
Great service!!!

Bought a SVS PB 1000 love it great price and they dropped it off at my place in the GTA plus through in a free cable!!!

SVS Ultra Bookshelf

Currently, I am using the Ultra bookshelf speakers as rear surrounds. Just replacing my B&W 's temporarily until my speaker stands arrive. The sound quality is quite clear and accurate - slightly different than that of my B&W's. Overall, I am very pleased with the look and sound quality coming from these speakers. I am really looking forward to hearing how these speakers perform in a 2.1 format.

New clarity and depth from Tonewinner AD-1 PA

The amplifier is an outstanding addition to my system. Excellent clarity and detail with very good transparency. Makes the speakers disappear.

Great service

Ordered a pile of SVS speakers from Aamir. Service was quick and all came in good order. Aamir worked really hard to sort out my system. Awesome experience!

7300 Tony winner amplifier

I purchase the tone winner 7300 amplifier awesome awesome system I would recommend this to my friends Amir was excellent in his service and delivery time on time

Good amp

After a little problem with customs everything went good. It arrived quickly with no issues. The sound is pretty good for the money it's a little light on bass but has plenty of power which I needed. So far I'm liking it.

Paul, Houston TX

have a chance for few days to play diffrent type of music from classical to pop, jazz and movies. This amplifier is doing grate job. Outstanding sound dispersion and quality between instruments and vocal. Test on soprano also, wow. Clear highs , lush midrange and tight bass performance. Have mediocre speakers and even with this speakers sound is grate.Own before diffrent amplifiers but this one is outstanding. One think more, run cool ! Do not get hot, little warm to touch.
Amir was very helphul when I called him and provide support at each time. Lets hope, Summit will bring us more equipment at this quality and good prices. Looking to order soon more electronics.

SVS SB-4000
Shawn Winter
SB 4000

Aamir was amazing. Just waiting for them to break in. Top notch service and follow through. He is the only guy to deal with.

Greg excellent svs ultra center

Competes the sound system, now all I have to do is buy svs ultra Tower's that s next

Amazing surrounds!

Amazing surrounds compared to my last pair. Pairs excellent with my other PSB speakers.

Finally Arrived.

After a Long Wait My new Amplifier arrived this past Friday, have it set up with by current system and must say it has plenty of power to drive my B&W 603's they sound great, the sound is crisp, clear and the Amplifier looks great in my rack. Thanks again Aamir wonderful customer care.

Great 16 Channel Unit

This unit sounds amazing a choice for an upgrade
The instructions were not in English not really a big deal downloaded from the site.
the back of the unit is also in Chinese.
The pros of this unit over wights the cons because of the price point it is a slim-down great sounding unit.
you get all you need maybe not what you want.

AD 7300 Plus series new model

I was not sure about this brand and was planning something else. But had a chance to talk to Aamir and he said this amp has got good power and will make a difference. Yes, I understood after connecting, I streamed music from Xbox one X as a bit stream out to the AV processer and checked the sound quality. It’s awesome. There is a big difference from my previous amps Denon AVR 2200 and Yahama old models. Preamp is a worth upgrade.
The dynamics, punch bass from tower speakers – was missing all these years. I was planning to add one more subwoofer, but dropped the idea since the tower speakers came to perform much better because of this powerful amplifier.
This is a new model mentioned as plus series and does its job wonderfully. Although no heating issues are noted, I am using one cooler fan AC Infinity just for peace of mind.
My tower speakers are Klipsch RP 260F high sensitivity of 97db and no buzz sound noticed while connected to this powerful amplifier.
The speaker terminal quality and body finishing of this is very good. There is an option to dim the uv meter display or turn off completed as required. Am using all the 7 channels but planning to get one more amp since am planning to set 7.3.6 Setup, this amplifier is budget friendly.
I have also bought AT-300 - 16 CHANNEL PRE-PRO along with this amp, which is also excellent AV processor. I will be doing some REW tests and later will update for the review AT 300.
Once again Thanks to Aamir for this configuration recommendation.

An EASY 5 star performance

I live in the Great White North, far far away from ANYONE who makes the NuPrime IDA-8 amplifier so this is scout’s honour a bone fide 12 on 10 (if there could be such a revue score) on this monster of a little amp - no exaggeration, I didn’t think it would be THIS good - but THIS good it IS. If you’re sittin’ on the fence about trying one out . . . do so no longer. You’ll love it and won’t believe that so much could come out of such a modest sized enclosure. Happy listening!

Great Sound!!

Great sounding speakers, best service I have received from the sales person, you can trust on his knowledge.

Awesome Speakers, Great!

PC-2000 Pro = WOW

I’m really blown away with the quality of this subwoofer. The looks I get to turn it down during movie time is worth every dollar. Would definitely buy again.

Fantastic Preamp - Processor

Love this unit! Awesome sound, handles all the new audio formats, XLR connections. And the service from Summit is top notch. Would recommend this to anyone.