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Thunder in a box!!!

A little heavy to bing in but not bad, set up easy, love them. Greg

Great Video Audio Processor money can buy

I could not believe that product like this existed at this price range. It felt like believing a ghost story. So, I tried to see this product in person, and googled the store address. I arrived and realized store did not exist like a ghost. Finding Amir took a quite a bit of effort on my end over 3 weeks due to his busy schedule. When i finally, literally got hold of him, It was like seeing a ghost. Story becomes unreal afterwords. I hook it up to my system, this sound I was solely missing started to play. All sources finally started to connect and come out in proper speaker it intended for. The sound was as if ghost visually showed up and started to play this amazing sound. My amp finally started to sing and play the real sound. I just want to tell you guys that this product is real and as good as it gets, the only thing mysterious about is its sound-unreal. It is as good as McIntosh mx100;

Solid performer

Well built, Looks good and is a solid performer. This sub can hold its own with other comparable performing equipment that cost twice as much.

Love my product, item as described! Very happy

Very happy w/ this Amp I purchased. Amp as described, very powerful which I absolutely love!

Great speakers and great store

Those speakers are my best purchase of the decade, no exaggeration, and many thanks to Aamir for following up fast and often about delivery.

Mostly fun and games

This prepro is capable and easy to use. Running sound from earc to at300 has had its growing pains figuring out that it freezes if settings aren't changed to not output to both hdmi out ports and only to the non arc hdmi out. Also read remak 6 about the remote. WTH. ( ; overall I'm really happy with the at300 and the part that I had issues was solved easily by talking to amir. I wish all my tech support expiriences were this quick, effective and honest. I mentioned that usb PC audio wasnt working and he immediately agreeded and said updates are coming for it. He also had a solution for the at300 freezing up. I spent the rest of the day fine-tuning and setting up and the results have been pretty incredible.

top sounding

a home cinema experience

Solid performance and features, no fluff

ToneWinner sets a new bar for value and performance that rival the big boys at a fraction of the price. Works great with Dolby Atmos (TrueHD and MAT), DTS-X, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-MA, etc.

Remote is basic in construction but checks a lot of boxes the big brands are missing - dedicated buttons to trim center channel, surrounds, heights, subwoofer. For those of us that love to tinker and dial their channels in, this is a HUGE plus. Dedicated buttons means no more digging through on-screen menus or apps to get your system just right.

The same can be said for selecting the upmixer / stereo / direct modes of your choice - no more clicking MOVIE or MUSIC to cycle through all the modes to get the one you want - dedicated buttons to Direct, Dolby, DTS, Stereo.

HDMI switching is a breeze. A tad bit slower than the big box brands, but no more or less reliable. On the odd time it fails to connect, cycling inputs resolves the signal.

Integrates well into Logitech Harmony, but you have to teach / learn the codes. Currently missing are discreet power on/off codes, but those
may come in the future?

Thanks for your help Aamir - a consummate professional as always!


These are definitely doing more then 300wpc at 4ohms. I'm very happy with them. They are powerhouses.

Nice deck

I am not going to gush over the sound of the unit because I made other system changes and have no idea which piece has caused the most improvement. The unit operates flawlessly so far. I do wish a person could choose a track without advancing one track at a time - a readout of all tracks and the ability on the remote to choose an individual one (four, seven, twelve, etc.).

NuPrime CDT10 Excels

The NuPrime CDT-10 has been in my system for 2 weeks. I'm so pleased!! It is an excellent transport in an attractive, slim package. It does what you want it to do - transmit the digital signal accurately to the DAC. Mid-range clarity is outstanding, the bass is impactful and articulate, trouble is detailed and extended, and imaging is stable and precise. I love the flexibility of having multiple digital outputs and the ability to do side by side comparisons of the sound from each. In addition, the upsampling function is an outstanding feature which works. I can easily hear the sonic differences between the various upsampling rates. Many thanks to Summit Hi-Fi and Aamir for outstanding customer service and for providing such a great product to consumers.

Fantastic product

My first plunge into separates , I purchased the
7300 amp it's the newest + version. I have only had this for a short time but I can tell you it is built like a tank, very high build quality and sounds great. Plenty of power for my surrounds, height and center channel. Customer service is off the charts too. This is a no brainer win win all the way around. For $1575 you get a great 7 channel power amp that you'd pay $2000+ for from the other guys. Runs cool and flawless so far. Shipping was fast and free. Don't sleep on these just because it's not a know name, they will be soon enough

Loving it!

I needed a new sub-woofer in a pinch. And the SB-3000 had excellent reviews. Not disappointed. Best sub-woofer I've ever owned. And Aamir was very helpful. Immediately contacting me after the order and taking time to get on the phone with me and answer some questions. The only thing that was disappointing was the delivery. They didn't bring it to my door but rather left it in front of my garage. Glad I signed up for notifications otherwise I would not have know it was delivered. But because I got the text I looked around the property and found it.

Tone Winner AD-2500 @ 1 Month / Very happy! Will be buying another.

Tone Winner AD-2500 @ 1 Month
The amps a keeper. Using the AD-2500 from 3 to 12 hours a day on music styles Rock to Broadway the tone was tasty. I have found for example saxophone reed sounds accurate, the vibrato of the reed very nice, the tone of a trumpet bell ringing real and satisfying. For my system the bass output below 100 Hz is above average although what you hear is dependent on your system. My preamp has a button to reduce 100 Hz levels which I find I need for the turntable preamp and not CD’s (Again system dependent.)
The power supply easily keeps up with long high output requirements of rock guitar bands and that’s driving my 500+ watt per channel Carver towers which can be 4 ohms at times. The amplifier runs cooler than other large amps I’ve owned and that’s a positive. I’ll be buying a second to biamp my speakers and make the amps life easier.
Thank you Aamir for you help and patience

What A Beast!

My first amp. What can I say other than it's all I could've asked for and more. You really can feel the power from this amp. I paired it with the AT-300 and everything's working great. I'll soon start saving up for another one so I can add more speakers to my home theater. Thanks, Aamir!

Auto Room Test

I couldn't get the Auto Room Test to work due user error. I simply didn't have the thing plugged in all the way into the jack on the back. You really gotta hear it click on this one. That's a good thing. Anyway, Aamir helped me through thick and thin making sure that I got it figured out and I thank him. This guy really is as good as everyone makes him out to be. Just you see. The processor itself is awesome. I come from a Denon like most people. The difference is amazing. There's a powerful detail and clarity that you just have to hear to understand. Don't hesitate. Just buy one. You'll see.

Great amp, great seller !

Thanks Aamir for awesome and fast services and products.


Ramadan/Easter Gift, Amazing Amp!!!

Great amp, getting better and better every day. This amp is TW AD 7300PA +, solid build quality, especially the center channel is amazing, I love it.

Svs prime atmos

Amazing service and sound

A mighty mite.

Big impact from a small package. Great addition to a home theatre in a modest sized room. Worth the money.

My Review

Impressive look and design.
Did the job. Very pleased

Good vendor

Tonewinner for the Win

Still breaking it in and it Sounds better and better each day . The Build Quality is like a Tank and so Good Looking was very impressed by the Quality of the Connections on back . Shipping was Fast , one thing is Amir called me with in an Hour of putting my Order in , who does that ? Nobody does but he did and said call him any time with any Questions about the product amazing

Great product, Amazing service!!!

Loving my TW AD-7300 so far. Aamir was amazing with the ordering process. Ordered online and received a phone call 15 minutes later from Aamir saying my order would be shipped next day. Fast response for any questions I had. Just a great customer service experience. Will defiantly be ordering from these guys again. Thanks Aamir!

This processor has a lot of cool features for the price.

My setup is 9.2.4 and the Atmos and DTS-X quality blows me away!

Event the "Multi-channel" surround setting does a great job of sending sound to all speakers, especially when watching sports (hello, Formula One !). It even sounds better than both DTS's and Dolby's upmixers depending on the source.

The remote is great, with useful buttons, but I do wish it were backlit.

The AT-300 also looks great, in a subdued kind of way and feels very solid.

There are tons of customizing options but, like reported by many (and I do mean many) forum posts, the auto-calibration is not very good compared to Audyssey or Dirac.

Sure, the on-screen display looks a bit low-end (maybe a future firmware update will give it a more high-end look...) and the HDMI switching is sub-par: having to wait more than 15 seconds when I switch from an NVIDIA Shield to a Zidoo player is very close to unacceptable (I'm using 1.8 meters long and 8K certified cables), but once "locked" on the signal, visual quality is stunning.

The Bluetooth receiver sounds like total crap... but I wish it could also send Bluetooth to my headphones for "quiet" movie watching.

Other than those few negatives, this is a great pre-amp.

Wish list: an upgrade to the Dolby upmixer to take advantage of the front wide channels and, why not, DTS-X pro, since the chips in the AT-300 are apparently able to handle it.

Finally, Aamir from Summit Hi-Fi went out of his way to please me when I ordered: shipping was fast, price was amazing and he does seem to place customer service at the top of the list.

I'm more than satisfied with my purchase. Highly recommended to audio hobbyist but may be a bit to eccentric for the average user.