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Want another

I bought this amp to use a few months down the road when i build my speakers. But i was anxious to hear it so i brought it to my sons house and hooked it up to his pre amp.i was astonished at its beauty, and it lacks nothing in the sound department. It was a pleasure to listening to. And it dont stop there it is very well built.i already plan on getting a second one before my speakers are even done.very impressed with this amp.

Box had some damage

Box had some damage, but unit was ok.

Amazing service

Excellent communication and service, before and after the sale. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Tone winner 7 channel

Amp is great!! Noticing more detail in movies! Priced right too.... definitely a well built amp!!

(Make sure u get a adapter for the power chord.. I cut the factory one and put on a aftermarket one for the us!!)

Customer service is by far some of the best I’ve had from a retailer. Amp shipped direct to my door from China..

Amir took the time and actually called me and went over any questions I had!!!!!

Highly recommend looking into this amp and shop!

Two thumbs up from this guy.

Very happy with summit Hi-Fi. I received a phone call the next business day saying thank you for choosing summit and your item will be shipped out today. It was good to speak with a person and not only get the auto reply email.


Great amp and value

Awesome Amp! This replaced my Xpa 2 gen 3 and I heard no difference in audio quality. For the price of an Xpa 3 you get the quality of an Xpa 7!

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Outstanding subwoofer. Tight, clean frequencies, visually appealing, bluetooth connection without a hitch, performs as specified (subjective observation), and lives up to awards in my opinion. Very low frequencies simply stunning (possibly below 19Hz?). Isolation system feet were added. I can only imagine hooking two together. Highly recommended for this price point. Customer service exceptional. I would recommend not showing product on delivery box as contents are clearly identifiable and would surely attract attention.

Amazing sub!

This subwoofer is amazing. I think the windows might possibly fall out of my living room. The build is very strong and heavy it’s like a tank. Coming from a klipsch, I have realized that klipsch is an absolute rip off. Like really badly overpriced to the max. This SVS is a real subwoofer. In my townhouse living room it’s excellent for movies. I haven’t had time yet to play much music but what I did play sounded great. I had a $700 dollar JBL before and I really liked it but again this SVS is way crazier than it was. The deep bass this thing produces is nuts and it’s only the 1000. I have to put some seal on my doors, tighten the light fixtures, hope my windows don’t shake out into the backyard. Amazing!

PB 2000 Pro

In 2020 when customer service had all but disappeared, Summit Hi-Fi really delivered an experience worth raving about. Will definitely be shopping there again. Sub's not bad either!

SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer

PB2000pro, Summit Hi-Fi, Très satisfait.

Tout a déjà été dit à propos de Aamir et je confirme moi aussi!

Mon PB2000pro remplit complètement mes attentes, surtout après une calibration avec le système ARC (Anthem). Évidemment, j'ai le goût d'un deuxième!

SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer

Fast delivery

Excellent Service and delivery. Very good Sub. I have paired it with an SB13Plus and it works great. Thanks!


have learned a lot about how room geometry affects bass performance... it's a really great sub, I probably should have brought two!

SVS PB-3000

First I wanted to say that Aamir was amazing to deal with, I would gladly recommend anyone looking for a subwoofer to talk with him! He had the subwoofer expedited and I had received it within 2 days of ordering!!

This is a huge improvement over any sub that I have owned before... now it has me wondering what dual PB-3000s would sound like...

Excellent Service!

Great customer service from Summit Hi-Fi with quick delivery of the product. I received a phone call the night I ordered the speakers informing me they would be delivered later in the week and they arrived as expected. Happy with the purchase!


Very happy, fantastic service and quick delivery. An immediate improvement all around, greater clarity and less fatigue on the highs, midrange was the biggest improvement with more detail where it seemed all washed together before and the bass is more accurate and just has more presence. The Polk RTI a9's the amp is powering are buy no means top tier audiophile gear but they are power hungry and this Amplifier definately woke them up, worth every penny! Amir is great, little details like a phone call to personally thank me for the order were a refreshing change from the big box stores.

Best customer service.

It's better than You're expecting. And capable of so much more.

I've had this amp for abut 8 months at time of review. The Tone winner 5300 is a true gem for the money. Instead of trying to explain to everyone what this amp sounds like I thought I'd explain what this amp is truly capable of. Some say, a truly great sounding system is a sum of all it's parts. And only when all of the parts are of the same high caliber and quality will you ever know what your system sounds like. It's been explained to me as this "when you listen to a hi fi system, it sounds one of two ways. This first way is you feeling like your listening to a recording. The second is what what most every audiophile tries to achieve. Instead of listening to a recording of any given song, you're trying to reproduce the music that was created on that recording within your room. It creates an experience of perfecly mixed live music. That is what hi fi is all about. Once you obtain that, your outlook toward music will be forever be completely new.
The following are things that someone who's interested in achieving a higher standard of listening experience will find interesting. I use this amp as my sole amplifier. It's used for 2channel and surround sound playback.

This is a fully resounding amplifier. ( further information on youtube)
You willl easily achieve holographic imaging (what many consider highest goal) if you have a halfway decent set of speakers. I Have svs prime
pinnacle towers. You can easily achieve this by following the set up guidelines found at cardasdotcom.

If you upgrade your power cord you willl hear a small difference in reduction of floor noise and you will gain clarity.
If you upgrade your rca interconnects you will hear a massive difference in reduction of floor nois and gain clarity that you didn't know was possible.
If you plug this amp into a power conditioner/ regenerator you will notice a massive difference in imaging. So much so that this was what brought the live music experience into my living room.
If you decide to upgrade your speaker cable to something with low inductance and great sheilding, you can expect to hear your soundstage grow by
leaps and bounds. You can expect to obtain a more immersive experience. Your speakers will perform for efficiently.

I would definatley recommend this amp for what ever you needs might be. It works well as an inexpensive, super powerful amp in a simple system. Or can fit right in to your super slick hifi rack and make it apart of an incredible resounding and immersive audio system. Either way, this amp holds your dance ticket at the party.

Pleasantly Surprised!

Lost a channel on my amp & was looking for a substitute, stumbled onto Amir & 7300. Amir pulled a unit out of China & delivery was unbelievably fast & sorted, Amir is the man! Amp has been flawless in my theatre all Xmas & now I think I’ll sell my Classe once its repaired. Great amp at a great price!

KISS - Very satisfied....customer service is fantastic...Ultra bookshelf is amazing..

Awesome speakers and store

Buying online was quick and simple. My speakers came quickly and with no issues. Would order again from summit. Cheers

Great Speakers

The PSB Imagine X2T speakers have far better sound quality than my previous X1Ts. They rival the sound of the PSB Stratus speakers I purchased in 1988 and kept until 2017.

SVS SB2000 Pro

Amazing product, amazing service!
I will refer anyone who asks to Summit because of the outstanding service. Aamir knows how to give outstanding service without being overbearing. Just fantastic.

The subwoofer is an outstanding piece. I couldn't be more pleased with it so I just might buy another one. Bass extension is low but very tight and powerful. Perfect for my home theater and 2 channel listening. I am experiencing all my movies and music again for the first time. SVS killed it with the 2000 Pro!
Thank you Aamir!