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Great Amp!

I'm in the process of building my dream home entertainment setup. I already have installed 13.1.2 with wall installed speakers and towers for the front and powerful subs. I went for separates and was using old amps with a powerful AV processor. I was not getting the sound that my speakers were capable of. I decided to go for a proper amp for my mains, had a few choices (Monolith, EMOTIVA). Tonewinner was never in the picture considering they were offering similar capabilities at a much lower price. I was reluctant to try, my friend told me that it is still worth a try. I bought this with Aamir's help, shipping was a breeze and got this setup in my rack. I wanted to try this amp at least a few months before I write a review.

I must say this amp sounds so much nicer and my sound stage have improved dramatically! I definitely know that the build quality of this is amazing (for everyone to see), the output is equally amazing.

I would have definitely given 5 stars for this, but I'm getting some occasional speaker thumps. I know the amp may not be the reason for this.

Big bass

Great product, easy to set up, awesome base sound.

Fantastic speakers and even better service!

I love this set of Svs Prime Elevations I picked up in order to take my 5.1.2 system to 5.1.4. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase again from Summit as their service is outstanding!

Outstanding Amplifier

I came from several different receivers and amplifiers and just could not find anything good. I came from Arcam sa30, onkyo, marantz, rotel, Parasound and odyssey audio. Either they just lacked power or the bass and midrange was just not there even though they claim to be the best. So after reading reviews and watching some youtube videos i went ahead and contacted Aamir. He quickly responded to my email and he explained his product with detail. I am simply blown away with the level of customer service and response time that I experienced with Aamir. He gave me his cell phone and he even texted to help me with all of my questions and concerns with this amplifier.
Since i received this amplifier, i have watched several movies and listened to a-lot of music with absolute amazement of how detailed the sound is. I love strong bass so when i heard this amp for the first time plugging it in i was simply blown away of how detailed, strong and fast and clean the bass is. Its not over powering at all, just clean and strong. My Arendal speakers have never sounded this good with any other amps that i have purchased. It also makes the speakers totally disappear and almost sounds like i have a center channel when i don’t. My system is set up as a 2.2
I am hearing things in movies and music i have never heard before. Even the smallest of sounds just come out, i dont know this happens but it does. It is weird how one amp to another can sound so different. I know, I know it sounds cliché but it is true. Every review i have read on this amp and processor are true. The quality if this amp is outstanding. When you take it out of the box be prepared to wear a safety belt because it is HEAVY. The packaging is perfect and strong to handle this. No damage at all.
This amplifier does get hot and will need plenty of ventilation. I even asked Aamir if the heat is a concern and he re assured me that it is so well built that it will be just fine with adequate ventilation.
I am finally done searching for “that right amp”. This is absolutely the best priced and performing amplifier that you can buy. Stay away from the big box stores and get treated the way you should with Aamir. He treats you with respect and will go out of his way to help. Heck, you’ll swear that you have know him forever. All the other Big Companies that spend more on their advertisement than they do on the quality of their product and don’t teach basic customer service skills, really need to take a lesson on customer service from Aamir.
Great job Aamir

Hope this review helps with your decision on this amp.

Equipment used:
Arendal 1723 THX Ultra Towers
Tone Winner AD-1PA amplifier
Tone Winner AT-300 processor
(2) SVS 1000 Subwoofers
Roku for movies and music

Fantastic musical sub

I’ve paired this sub with a pair of Heresy II’s, powered by a 6wpc tube amp. The sub’s app is amazing, and allowed me to easily integrate it into the system from my main listening position, adjusting crossovers and EQ as needed. The sub itself is quite small (dimension-wise), which was a requirement for my space, but it sounds big. It’s not boomy though, it’s very musical. Easily the nicest sub I’ve owned, and was definitely worth buying. Im overall extremely happy with it

Great value for money. Accurate response. Very happy

I like this sub very much. Very accurate and deep response for my purpose (music listening). I like the app. I can adjust all the parameters from my seat. This is a great value sub. The only issue is that the sub creates very high pitch sound (seemingly from the board inside the sub not from speakers). This is noticeable if you seat close to the sub if the room is very quite (given that you have a very sensitive ear like me). I searched on internet and people suggested that if I connect a usb device to the sub (there is a usb charger port at the back of the sub) the noise will go away. I tried it work for me. I’m happy overall with this sub and I know that I have a good warranty with it. So no sweat. When I changed my old sub (KEF Q400) to this, I can clearly see the difference. More accurate, deeper, less hum, and overall I can hear my music better. On a separate note, the dealer was a really nice and friendly person. I enjoyed dealing with him

Awesome, good match with Tannoy XT8F

This is an incredible amplifier, solid build quality, nice aesthetics (VU meter), lot of control with high wattage. This has been a very good match with the Tannoy XT8F for stereo use which otherwise sound good with a tube amp. Aamir is awesome to deal with, he knows his stuff and guides you through setup. If you have any questions just call him. Totally recommend this amplifier and the buying experience with Summit HiFi and Aamir.

The Magical Combo!: AT-300-16 with two AD-7300 2.0 Amplifiers

Configured in a 9.2.4 setup, these components are delivering on all levels. I have yet to integrate my MiniDSP DIRAC gear because it already sounds amazing… but will soon. Having upgraded from a 7.2 setup, I find myself rewatching movies just because of the awesome sound experience. The AT-300-16 is not perfect operationally, an occasional a reboot is necessary, but it performs very well and is the best value on the market. It allowed me to get into a quality 14-channel system much sooner than I could have otherwise justified ($$$). A special thanks to Amir for his great customer service. I certainly felt like I was in good hands!

The Magical Combo!: AT-300-16 with two AD-7300 2.0 Amplifiers

Configured in a 9.2.4 setup, these components are delivering on all levels. I have yet to integrate my MiniDSP DIRAC gear because it already sounds amazing… but will soon. Having upgraded from a 7.2 setup, I find myself rewatching movies just because of the awesome sound experience. The AT-300-16 is not perfect operationally, an occasional reboot is necessary, but it performs very well and is the best value on the market. It allowed me to get into a quality 14-channel system much sooner than I could have otherwise justified ($$$). A special thanks to Amir for his great customer service. I certainly felt like I was in good hands!

Amazing Amplifier and Service

After many years, I recently had a dedicated home theater and listening room built in my home. While I love the spatial effects of an outstanding home theater processor my passion has always been about the music. Any audiophile will tell you, that when great music and a great recording is reproduced as the artist intended it can be a transcendent experience for the listener. You can find scores of audio companies who claim to be the holy grail of music reproduction and some will charge you more than a house for it, but most of us cannot afford to pay stratospheric prices for a marginal benefit in sound quality. For me it is all about value and the quality of the listening experience. Which leads me to NuPrime. Previously I had owned NuForce AVP 18 home theater processor in a mini home theater set up. For the money it was great. It was surpassed by new technology so when I built my home theater I went with an Anthem AVM 60 ( I have since upgraded to the AVM 70 ). I purchased Tekton Double Impact speakers for my fronts with the impacts for the surrounds and Tekton atmos in ceiling speakers. The Tekton speakers are spectacular. They are extremely neutral speakers that will reproduce what ever signal they are given with amazing accuracy. That is a blessing and a curse. They will reproduce every nuance and nails on a chalk board fault a mediocre amp and processor will muster. With a great amp and processor the Tektons are ethereal. So, initially I was using a pair of NuPrime MCH K38 eight channel amps for an 11.2 system. I thought that the MCH K38 with two channels bridged for my fronts and center sounded wonderful. Then I had trouble with my AVM 60 processor. Anthem blamed it on the amps.

That's where Amir comes in. There was nothing wrong with my amps. It was all about a faulty processor although Anthem will never admit it. They kept blaming another piece of equipment or cables. Any way, I decided to buy new amps. Amir convinced me to try the Evolutions. I also went with the MCX-4 for my surrounds. Amir kept saying you will not believe the difference. I was skeptical but I took the plunge and have never looked back since. The Tektons have an incredible soundstage and exquisite detailing without sounding processed(I am talking about you Golden Ear Triton Reference to name one ). When I paired the Tektons with the Evolutions the sound stage became massive. You would think was using the all channel setting . My installer who is an audiophile was blown away. With respect to the detail and midrange the word that best describes it is ethereal. It reminded me of the Magnaplanar 3.6 or Martin Logan Renaissance when we using the Clase processor but better. Vocals, for example, by Diana Krall or Sarah Bareilis were lilting and much more life-like. They sounded great-taking and felt as if they were singing right there in my theater. I could hear the subtle raspiness of Diana Krall in a way I have never heard before. The separation of the instruments was incredible. The bass was much tighter as well. I would stack the Evolutions up against amplifiers costing 10 X more. If you can afford the Evolutions or even if you can afford 10 X more do not think twice about splurging on the Evolutions they are worth every penny with a set up that will match their performance.

With respect to Amir and his customer service in my 30 years of pursing musical excellence I have never met any one that is as knowledgeable, honest and who will stand by their product as Amir. I had an issue with the MCX4 and Amir rectified it promptly without question or issue. In the audiophile world there are companies that will promise you the stars and when their equipment fails, they leave you stranded. No accountability. No respect for the client. Anthem is one of those companies. I wish I had met Amir sooner and I would have bought the NAD MC 17 he recommends instead of the Anthem. I may still do that. I have known Amir long enough now that I trust his ear and opinion implicitly. If he tells you something will sound amazing, it will. All I can say is that I will be buying all my future audiophile equipment from Amir. He is a treasure in a world full of snake oil salemen.

Great near-field desktop speakers.

Excellent spatial imaging between the speakers. Just fabulous when placed about arm's length away and paired with my SVS PB2000 sub. Better sound than my nuraphones. The play-fi app interface is a pain, but workable. Needless hassle there.

SVS Ultra Center Speaker
Charlie Leblanc
Fantastic Center Channel - SVS Ultra Center

When building a home theater the center channel is the most important speaker. This does a good job matching the SVS Ultra Towers. Coming from a Klipsch RP-504c I wasn't worried about size. Just make sure the height of the speaker won't be an issue in your setup. Appearance is amazing in gloss black, something truly exceptional to look at. The bind posts at the back are very high quality like all of the SVS Ultra line of speakers. There are 2 small ports (no port plugs like other SVS speakers). I have an 82 inch TV and I don't notice an issue with glare from the high gloss finish. Something to consider if you have a projector though. Tons of detail and richness to the sound. Balanced is the best way to describe it from the highs and mids. Bass is alright but also don't expect a ton of bass from a center channel (PB16 Ultra and Klipsch R-115 subs do that). The price is very reasonable for what you get. Only complaint is I wish the grills were magnetic. It's worth the purchase, you won't be disappointed.


First i will say Aamir was very helpful and shipping was very fast . The AT 300 is working good in my setup. I have not fully set it up yet a bit of a learning curb, but so far i like what i am hearing . Had a Marantz av7706 but this sounds better to me so for now i am happy thanks Aamir Summit Hi Fi


Excellent product. No problem with the setup and configuration.

Huge Center - RP-504c

This was my first Klipsch speaker that I added to my system. After looking at it for awhile and reading multiple reviews I thought I would give it a shot. It's a 3 way design as the woofers on the inside are crossed over differently than the woofers on the outside. The Tweeter matches everything else in the RP line. This is the biggest center channel in the reference premier line and it comes with effortless sound. Tons of detail and efficient so you can take it to uncomfortable volumes without much effort. This thing isn't small so make sure you can room for it. Don't cheap out on a center channel as it's one of the most important speaker in the whole setup (probably the most important). Magnetic grills are nice and the fit and finish of the speaker is amazing. I went with black ebony and I am not disappointed. Remember to leave some room behind the speaker (with the wall) as there is a port.

Great Surrounds - RP-502s

These are used as the left and right surrounds in my 7.1.4 setup. Very nice looking speaker and sounds quality matches the RP504C as well as the RP-8000f. Remember each speaker has 2 tweeters and 2 woofers so it's like 2 speakers in one, that's why the price is a bit higher. Very good value and good for surround speakers. The high efficiency of these speakers means you don't need a ton of power and they have no trouble getting loud. Never hear any distortion and they never draw too much attention to themselves. The magnetic grills are a nice touch and the fit and finish is top notch.

TW AD-7300 PA + Version - 7 channel Amp 7× 200W@8ohms is the model #I received

Very well made and well built power amplifier!
I purchased this amplifier for the sole purpose of giving my system a lot more headroom power.
It delivers in every single way, an amplifier of this quality will perform! It performs as Tonewinner has intended. Satisfied with my purchase.

SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer
Charlie Leblanc
Amazing and Large - PB16 Ultra

You really don't appreciate how big this is until it's in your room. It's crazy heavy so get a friend or a furniture cart to make it easier to move around. I added some SVS isolation feet and I run it in extended mode (middle port sealed). This thing can move some serious air, play the opening scene from Edge of Tomorrow. I am sure there are better subs out there, but for the money this is hard to beat. The app control is nice and very reliable. There is a reason this has lots of tuning options because placement isn't really where it will sound be best but mostly about where it will fit in the room. It's larger than a lot of end tables. I got the black oak and it's pretty resistant to scratches and finger prints. The metal grill is heavy duty. The driver itself is extremely rigid, amazing the motor is able to make it move so fast. This thing will come delivered on a pallet so make sure you have a place they can put it where you can carry inside. The box is nice and the handles are necessary to move it around.

Great Speakers - SVS Ultra Towers

I have owned a few pairs of floor standing speakers, these so far have been great. The design is unique with it's shape and in gloss black they are very nice. You get to used to the look and are reminded of their different design every time someone asks what brand of speakers they are. I am a big fan of 3 way speakers and the 3.5 way configuration leads to very rich mids. Music listening is clear and detailed. having come from some Klipsch RP-8000Fs the tweeter design is different than the horns. So initially I though they were softer and less detailed in the highs. However the more I listened I realized it was the fact that the mids were more clear making for a better balance to the speaker. The highs are detailed just not as forward as the Klipsch. I was on the fence about these speakers for awhile, but happy I finally pulled the trigger. They are worth their price tag! Don't hesitate to purchase from Aamir, customer service is hands down leaps and bounds above the rest.

Tone Winner AT-300

Let me start by saying I have been a home theater enthusiast for some time and previously only purchased Receivers. I owned receivers by Onkyo, Denon (AVR-4400), Pioneer, and Yamaha. My most recent setup was a Onkyo TX-RZ1100 Receiver with a Onkyo M-5010 Amp to power my Surround backs. My set up was a 7.2.4.
This was the first time I’ve ventured into separates but always wanted to. Price and budget were a factor and I thought, would the improvement justify the difference in price from a well-rounded receiver.
I saw a review on the AT-300 via YT which caught my attention. I decided to purchase the AT-300, a Emotiva BasX A3 and two Emotiva BasX A4 amplifiers (sorry Summit Hi-Fi went the cheaper route with the amps).

Ok regarding the sound quality, the Onkyo Receiver in my setup produced decent surround sound which can be a pleasing /satisfying sound. But after hooking up the AT-300 with the Emotiva amps, what a difference. The improved clarity, detail, definition, separation, volume, and bass response were a significant jump up in quality. I can honestly say I can hear things I haven’t heard before and the sound is more enveloping. This processor extracts more detail than my prior system.

I’m talking in all sound formats, Blu-Rays encoded with Dolby Digital, DTS, etc., improved in sound quality also with increased separation and clarity. Dolby Atmos went from being mediocre (my past system setup) to placing a smile on my face with yeah this is how it is supposed to sound. You really must hear it to understand what I mean. There is a distinct sound quality difference between my prior system and the new one. You don’t know what you are missing until you hear something different.

The Tone Winner At-300 has great sound but there are software issues which need to be addressed to include the amount of time it takes to display a source via HDMI. When selecting an HDMI source, it will take multi tries before it will display on my monitor and produce sound. Similar fashion with my projector, sometimes I must turn on the monitor to get it to display a picture on the projector, then turn the monitor off. This can take minutes, not seconds which can be frustrating. It is quicker to connect /display a source on my monitor than my projector. Both are connected to the HDMI outputs. Aamir responded via email within the hour and called me several times (including on a Sunday!) to try and resolve the issue. He is a class act. You can rest assure support is there if needed. This is a major difference between the Onkyo (which displays the source instantaneously) & the AT-300 outside of the sound quality. Hopefully these issues will be resolved with a firmware update soon. The AT-300 also supports 3-D. I have a small collection of 3-D movies I enjoy watching on my Epson 5050.

Receivers squeeze in all perceivable options to make it more appealing to a variety of consumers. The AT-300 might not have all the bells and whistles of the top receivers and a couple of software issues, but it has it where it counts and that is in sound quality. I am very impressed and glad I made the plunge. If I had to make this purchase again, would I? Yes, with no hesitation, well worth the investment.

SVS SB-1000 PRO Subwoofer
Daniele Pollutro
Fantastic little sub!

Excellent performance from such a small box, very musical and more than deep enough for watching movies. Works wonders for smaller rooms, two may be required for larger areas. If you need more boom, there are bigger models from SVS. Love the app to configure from a distance!

Excellent service from Summit Hi-Fi, very consistent service on multiple orders. Aamir is a true gem, will be my go to choice for my audio gear!

Fantastic Amp - AT-7300+

To start if you are wondering about quality both in build and sounds it's top notch. I Have the 7300+ or the V3.0 which has been good. Aamir helped me out and got me on the list to get on without having to wait forever. If you are worried about ToneWinner as a brand when comparing it to others like Emotiva etc., don't be. While new to North America the company has been around for years. Even though it's made in China, don't be concerned with quality as it's built like a tank. If you read nothing else know that this amplifier punches well above it's price point and is at home in a home theater setup. It's good for 2 channel listening as well. Lets start with build quality, the entire unit is aluminum (not cheap metal) and the sides of the amplifier are heat sinks for the front left and rain channels. Not knocking any other brands for using regular sheet metal, but it's amazing to see an all aluminum build at this price. The gauge on the front is clear and there is a lot of brightness settings (fun to watch the needle bounce around sometimes). It's nice to see something different than just a regular amplifier and I applaud the company for the design. The back has all gold plated connectors. Sound quality is good, doesn't add any coloration to the sound that shouldn't be there. No lack of power for dynamics, no hint of distortion even when driving it pretty hard. I have 3 amps hooked up right now, a DR2 from Emotiva, XP3 from Emotiva (Gen 3) and then the ToneWinner rounding out the 7.1.4 setup. Hands down I have no reservation about recommending this amplifier to anyone wanting to go with separates or to improve the sound quality of the AVR. Having never heard of ToneWinner before, after talking to Aamir I decided to take a chance on the amp and I am glad I did. Aamir's customer service is top notch and it's refreshing to find someone as passionate about his customers experience as he is about his products. This was hooked up via the pre-outs on a Denon X-4500h avr and is now running through XLRs on an NAD M17 v2i processor. This is my first ToneWinner amp, but it won't be my last! While the price will have you thinking budget, once you hold it and hear it you won't be disappointed.

Tonewinner AD-7300

I just bought 2 of the AD-7300 2.0 for my birthday and connected 1 so far. The gf was like why shaking her head? Then she heard the sound difference and was mesmerized by the meter. She was like Keanu in 'Bill and Ted 'woah!'. Awesome to have a product we're both very happy with.

Currently running it with Yamaha Aventage 3060, Pioneer Elite atmosphere system and a pair of PB-2000pro. Fits in perfectly. I'm going to have work on fitting my receiver somewhere else to fit the 2nd amp in. I accounted for the width but, not the depth of the Yamaha but, planning on getting a processor down the line.

Aamir was awesome!!! He answered my questions after hours and made me feel comfortable with my purchase.


First of all, let me just say that Aamir is hands down, one of the most sincerest and dedicated individuals in this industry. He makes you feel like you're his long-time friend & his only customer even though it's the first time speaking/meeting him. I texted him several times after I received my unit and he responded almost immediately. He truly is a Class Act! His customer service and professionalism transcends any industry. I'm absolutely purchasing my next amp with Aamir in the near future…

With that said, I'm finally venturing into "Big-Leagues" by upgrading to (entry-level) separates. I started my HT journey back in the mid 90's with "OG" Laserdiscs. Owned several AVRs throughout the years including: Onkyo Integra, Pioneer Elite, Denon, Yamaha back to Onkyo. (I convinced myself that "separates" were for those hardcore Audiophile-types and/or highly-trained musicians with sophisticated "perfect pitch" ears at any register. A-flat,half-diminished7-add9, anyone?).

Fast-forward to the Present - The pre/pro's that were on my radar were the: Marantz AV7706 or the Emotiva XMC-2. I was about to pull-the-trigger on the Marantz AV7706 until I saw the YT influencer reviewing the AT-300 (& comparing to the AV7706). His link lead to Summit Hi-Fi (and Aamir). Low and behold, I was intrigued by reading all the reviews here and pivoted to this unit instead.

The AT-300 checked off all the boxes on my personal list of simple requirements. (Disclaimer: Your requirements may be more technical and sophisticated than mines):

• Balanced XLR connectors. -Check.
• >11-channels. -Check.
• 3-Subwoofers (1 - XLR + 2 RCA). -Check.
• OEM (and shared design with identical internal parts as compared to the Emotiva BasX MC1)* - Check.
• Integrated calibration software. (Albeit proprietary, it's still better than none). - Check.
• Nearly 1/3 the cost and won't break the bank. -Check.
• Ability to use the savings to upgrade other components w/n my HT. -Check.
• Piece-of-mind to upgrade to next-gen processor without dropping another >$3K in a couple of years as technology advances. (At 1/3 the price, it's a little more palatable).

*Another YT influencer comparing: Lowest Cost AV Processors - Emotiva BasX MC1 and TW AT-300. (Skip ahead to 7:38 into his review to see the picture of the exposed internal components of both and his analysis).

Needless to say, I immediately called Aamir and ordered this AT-300 13.3 pre-pro (with 14 XLRs).

My new current HT setup is a 7.3.4 configuration. (Albeit, my three SWs are technically .1 data-stream since the volume can't be individually controlled via the OSD. Nonetheless, I have multiple LFEs to cover any null w/n my sound stage. (I.e., family room).

First impressions…

After just two-weeks of utilizing the AT-300, my ears as are simply blown-away by the difference! Not only have I tried several new 4K UHD 4K Blu-Rays that I purchased (i.e., Saving Private Ryan, Ford v. Ferrari, Spider-Man: NWH, Matrix); but also, listened to UHD music via Amazon. I'm 52 and they say your hearing diminishes as you age (especially at the upper-registries) . However, I can clearly hear the difference between the lows, mids and highs w/n all genre of music: Classical, Smooth Jazz, Rock, Metal, Country, Reggae, Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar. As I stated, I don't have "perfect pitch." However, if I can clearly tell the difference.. So will you.

Bottom line: My family and I are enjoying the clarity in music and movies "again for the first time." Even our "older" DVD DD/DTS 5.1 movies are brought back to life with sounds I never heard before.

Don't hesitate. Get this unit if you're "on-the-fence." That and coupled with the fact that Aamir stands behind this product and a phone call away, you can't lose. As I stated above, I'll be purchasing my next Amp (i.e., TW AD-7300v2) with Aamir so I can maximize all of the XLR ports available and elevate my HT into 9.3.6.

Great Subwoofer.

Firstly I give Summit customer service a A+ score. Even when I bought on-line I got a personal call from the owner Aamir to confirm my order and shipping schedule. The SB4000 arrived in perfect shape and is a trophy piece in my HT. The sub is replacing an aging 20 year old relic. This sub is great for music and outstanding for movies.