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The AD - 1pa Hi - Fi 2 channel classA/ Ab 2x 300 w ( 8 ohms is the most powerful amp I have in my...

The tone winner amplifier is a beautiful, well made amplifier should of cost much more the price. I loved this amp. Thank you summit HiFi

Amazing product and service

This is my first SVS subwoofer purchase and it has impressed. The bass was tight and clean. Amir went above and beyond with his service as he was very accommodating for the delivery. Also he has excellent knowledge of the products. Would highly recommend them!

PB1000 Pro. WOW

After much research online I decided to pull the trigger on this subwoofer. I decided on this model based on price point and frequency response. The affordability of this SUB makes it reasonable to go duel in the future without breaking the bank.
It replaced a 20 year old PSB and frankly there is no comparison.
Very happy with my purchase. Aamir is awesome to deal with.

SVS 3000 Micros

Size = 100%, nice and compact.
Power = comes with 800W amp, driving 2 opposite facing speakers, so really it is 400W per speaker. I found them a tad week.
Appearance = 100%, gloss black looks great
The SVS app on iPhone is very good, controlling volume, PEQ, Phasing.
All good.

Great sub

Well at the beginning of listening to my SVS pb-1000 pro I was not that impressed after all the YouTube reviews I had watched saying it was a great sub, I was replacing a paradigm psw2200 it was going back into my home Theater. So after a few days of listening and tweaking it I found the sweet spot for my living room. It plays tight and wants to beat the crap out of my living room 😁 my living room is not a conventional size for home Theater it’s 14x14x8 it is more open concept and my sub placement is on the sidewall. So when I got this sub tuned- in I could feel ripples of air moving through the room. It is a great sub for the power it is, for the cost it is, and for the size it is. Enjoy😎

SVS ultra center

SVS always Very good clean sound quality complaint.👍👍👍👍👍.
Quick and fast 5 Star customer service.

tw ad 2500

very satisfy in music this amplifier mutch power but sound very smouth ,I like.

Love this subwoofer

First, I just want to say that the service that Summit Hifi is know for, is second to none. I have never dealt with a company that provides this kind of support to its customers. I highly recommend them and will be a lifelong customer. As for the subwoofer, The PB 3000 is outstanding. I’m finally satisfied with a subwoofer. I’ve had good ones before and even great but finally I feel that I found the one that works for my space. SVS products continue to impress !

Great Experience

I ordered 2 SVS PB1000 Pro subwoofers. Within 10 minutes of ordering I received a text message thanking me for my order. He was quick to answer any questions I had and delivery was quick to Alberta. Will definitely order again from Summit HiFi.

More than I could have asked for.

Absolutely wonderful product and company to purchase it from!

Got my package delivered to my house extremely fast, setup everything easily and the bass is beautiful, If you have a chance to order products from this company, do it. Support local and good companies, I know i'll be back to purchase more! A++

TW AD-7300

It took some to be delivered from China due to the Chinese New Years but the wait was well worth it as it light up my Paradigm speakers!

SB-1000 Review

Thank you Aamir for letting me compare the SB-1000 to the SB-2000 Pro in my home.The SB-1000 is great performer for small to medium sized rooms that need a compact unit. For such spaces,the easy to access manual rear controls for volume, crossover and phase are preferable, in my view than those on later models that require the SVS smartphone app - just set and forget. My listening room is large-3350 cu ft, with placement limitations that require more tweaking, so I upgraded to the SB-2000 Pro.


This amp really improved the home theater and music listening experience. Very well made and the look is fantastic. I really like the needle display on the front and most of all it does such a good job giving my system the power it needed to really drive my system!! It is a little bit of a different experience in the order and delivery delays but well worth the wait!

Great Service & Excellent Speakers

Aamir is truly a fantastic guy, he was willing to answer any questions I had regarding my decision to build a home theatre system, and went out of his way to accommodate me and get stuff shipped out STAT.

You will be thoroughly pleased if you purchase your A/V gear through Aamir at SummitHIFI.

In regards to the Ultra Towers, they’re insanely good, so just buy them.

Good service

Ordered 4 s s prime elevation speakers,only 2 were sent initially,e mailed customer service who communicated with me through phone messages,the other 2 speakers were sent within 48 hours and has arrived already.

Not bad... but expensive.

Instols are very simple and stable. The sound is very clear. But it is expensive.

SB 1000

Great subwoofer for a living room setup. Sounds excellent with music, really nice transients. Doesn't get quite as low down as the PB 1000, but the quick and tight response makes up for that.

Aamir was a pleasure to deal with, incredible customer service. Will definitely purchase here again!

10 ⭐️

Top notch service!!

Omni SW 8

Works like a charm
And that in itself is nothing short of amazing!

Tonewinner AD 5180 Update

After a few months using the Tonewinner AD 5180, the amplifier is flawless. Runs quite cool, and has plenty of power. It just got better. Changing my A/V processor from a Yamaha to the NAD M17v2 (Summit) made a significant difference. The AD 5180 now shows its depth, power, and finesse with both 2ch, and movies. Subtle nuances in both (especially) music, and movies are now revealed, which I never knew were there. What ever the NAD throws at it, is uncolored, super clean, and pure. It is hard to describe. I find myself listening to music at a much lower volume, the punch, clarity, and detail is amazing. I now own 2 '5180s! (5.2.4) To say that I am impressed with the Tonewinner AD 5180 is an understatement. I truly believe that to buy a better amplifier, be prepared to spend ALOT more money. Aamir has been instrumental in helping me make choices. With his product knowledge and guidance, I now have a system that has truly exceeded my expectations.

NAD M17v2

I was looking to upgrade to separates in my home theater set up. Had a Yamaha RX A2080, very nice receiver. With the upgrade I was hoping to get something that was also great for stereo and streaming. Aamir again, with his suggestion hit the ball out of the park! The NAD M17 is NOT just an upgrade, it is on a completely different planet! It really is a game changer in my system, the NAD is really that good!! powering it with two Tonewinner AD5180's and two SVS subs all from Aamir. Every day I enjoy my system as I never have before, and thank him. All the years that I have been into Audio(I'm almost 60) I can honestly say that I have never came across anyone in that business who actually really cares, makes a person feel special, and makes the whole experience a pleasure. Next is upgrading the Paradigm Prestige towers and center!! I can't wait, and won't go anywhere else. 5 stars isn't enough.


Happy with this choice, Excellent Bass! 👍
Thank you 😊

PB2000 Pro Wow

What a big upgrade from my old Polk PSW505. Blows it out of the water.

Great prompt service.

Great experience on my purchase shipped to Alberta.

Crystal clear

This was paired with a Parasound 2250 V2 and Polk Audio RTiA9s. We hear music like it’s live without error, hiss or static. It’s simply clear and powerful. We can hear fingers on the guitar......