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TW AD-7300 v2 + Anthem AVM 70 8K is Audio Nirvana

I cannot be more pleased with this amp, not only does it sound amazing but it also is good looking. It has taken my listening experience in my HT to new heights, especially when listening to music. The combo has amazing imaging, it is nimble, clear and airy and the bass is authoritative and controlled. As others have pointed out the shipping was quick and the packaging was great, if you are on the fence about TW you should go ahead and hop off, this is definitely one of the best values in Hi-Fi.

Good transport

Don’t be fooled by the price. It might outperform other
Much more expensive transport.

Dual SB 1000 pro

Big thanks to Aamir for your guidance.

Awesome, having two subs provides great bass coverage along with enhancing the overall sound making all my surround speakers Møre distinguishable ( less muddied) making the overall sound musical, more revealing and realistic. The thundering low end impact from this size is uncanny. Placement was easy due to their size although they are somewhat weighty.
Having placed the subs on SVS feet has reduced wood floor vibrations.
It is amazing how revealing and refined they can sound with no audible distortion and getting down to the low 20hz with panache, Whoa

Summit hi fi order of subwoofer speaker

Fast delivery, product in new perfect condition


I was blown away!!! What a difference this amp made. I felt like I was in the movie.

Amazing Customer Service

As always, Aamir is there to help with his amazing customer service and fast delivery

Awesome amp

I needed a second amp to drive my HT to relieve my Denon 6500H from amp duties and this amp works beautifully along side my Parasound A52+. Switched the Parasound to my heights and put the TW for the LCR/SR/SB and I feel my HT now feels running on steroids.

Aamir was very helpful to pick the amp between the 7300 & 8300 and I followed his suggestion. Truly happy. Thanks Aamir. Amp was very finely packed as well, though FedEx delivered to the wrong address and then thankfully I got it delivered after 2 days! (Second time I have had this issue with FedEx idiots!!)

Great sound

Easy set up. Great sound. Loud. Love it. Great service and fast delivery.

Nuprime EVO 2

Outstanding product and customer service, couldn’t ask for better!
I have had several very expensive amplifiers including Macintosh, PS Audio, Pass Labs, Audio research, Martin Logan and Accuphase and none of them can match the sound of Evo 2 period! But what is better than these amps is the customer service and friendship you receive from Aamir, is truly an ultimate and I am not joking!
Thanks again for everything my friend and pleasure doing business with you, CW.


After researching on processors with great reviews on AT-300 from Tone Winner and other audio/video sites. Arrived in a well packaged box and in perfect shape. Thank you, Amir! Will return and write a review after completed home theater project.


This amplifier is absolutely beautiful! Great price, unbelievable power and great looks. Dealing with Summit/Aamir was a great experience.
I will be back!

Continually Impressed (I can’t stop listening!)

Let me share my experience with the Tone Winner AD-7300+ after nearly one year of ownership. I’m guessing that many of you are agonizing over your research into audiophile amplifiers for your home theatre system. In my case, I wanted to ensure any unit I purchased excelled at both music and home theater. I looked at many different models, read reviews, checked out You Tube videos, and checked out various forums. I finally decided to purchase the AD-7300+ and had an excellent purchase and delivery experience through Summit Hi-Fi USA. Wow! The sound quality dramatically improved over the onboard amplification via my older Pioneer Elite home theater receiver. Although I am continuing to use my Pioneer as a pre-amp (hoping eventually to get a dedicated processor), I am enjoying significant sound quality improvements at both low/medium and high-volume levels. I just can’t get enough of the immersive sound generated via this setup using the Dolby Music up-mixer into 5.1. And, after nearly one year of operation, the AD-7300+ has been flawless. Power on/off via the 12-v trigger works perfectly. Heat dissipation is handled very well (I have an open shelf rack). And I love that the unit does not have any noisy, bothersome fans. Conclusion: the AD-7300+ is a great value, looks awesome, and in my case sounds fantastic for music and movies. I really can’t imagine a need to spend more on another brand.

Summit Hi-Fi A+

Being from the west coast I was a bit nervous of ordering an expensive subwoofer from across the country but Summit Hi-Fi provided excellent customer service and everything couldn't have been better. The SVS SB-1000 Pro is exactly what I needed for my small room and with room gain correction I've been able to get it to exactly where I need it. Awesome product and I would recommend. Paired with Klipsch the Fives for a computer office setup.

11 channel beast

Love the new ad 8300 pa amplifier. So far so good. No discernible added noise to the signal. Runs cooler than other amps I've tried. Like the new sleek look rather than the meter. Good value for the money compared to monolith, emotiva, and others. No need to buy multiple amps that'll take up more room and cost more money. Running a 7.3.4 system and pushing polk rtia9s in front. Sounds crisp and clean. This amp is a winner!

Great Speaker

I purchased a pair of these several years ago when I first built my hometheater. Having come from home theater in a box and soundbars this at the time was a lot of money. Once you look at what is out there and what these speakers offer for the price they are punching above their price point. These speakers being efficient don't need a lot of power so an AVR can power them. But I would suggest to let them really sing get yourself a dedicated amplifier. These speakers look awesome, have very good dynamics. Honestly after listening to many speakers I can't fault these for their price. I replaced these speakers with a pair of SVS Ultra Towers as I wanted more mid-range, but even after that I couldn't sell these speakers. They are now setup in another home theater. Get the RP-504c as a center channel. These speakers I didn't find too bright (something I find with other Klipsch speakers). I would suggest these over the Reference line, the added price is well worth it. The magnetic grills are a nice touch, all speakers should have these!


"Combination of Tome-winner AT-300 with TW AD-7300 2.0 is a game-changer! The sound quality is top-notch and the sleek design adds a modern touch to my entertainment setup. Easy setup and seamless integration with my smart devices make it a no-brainer. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an outstanding poweramp with pre-amp.

Thank you Aamir for suggesting a best combo and providing support over the call

Excellent product

"Combination of Tome-winner AT-300 with TW AD-7300 2.0 is a game-changer! The sound quality is top-notch and the sleek design adds a modern touch to my entertainment setup. Easy setup and seamless integration with my smart devices make it a no-brainer. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an outstanding poweramp with pre-amp.

Excellent product

Combination of Tomewinner AT-300 with TW AD-7300 2.0 is a game-changer! The sound quality is top-notch and the sleek design adds a modern touch to my entertainment setup. Easy setup and seamless integration with my smart devices make it a no-brainer. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an outstanding poweramp with pre-amp."

It's all true!

Everything you've read is true - Aamir truly cares about his customers.

He took the time to call vs hide behind email, and worked through all uncertainties and issues until we found a solution that would work for me.

Aamir has won my loyalty as a customer.

Great Sub and great service.

I inquired and got in touch and ordered the PB3000 the next day. Free shipping and timing was pretty fast.

Thank you

The unit is performing very well ,delivery was on time and was packed securely. Aamir was very extremely helpful in all respects. I would recommend Summit Hi-Fi if you are looking for knowledge and service combined with extremely good products.

TW AD-8300

This is a very detailed and clear sounding amp. Aamir was one of the best to deal with. I heard sounds from this amp that i never heard from my AVR. I would buy from summit HI-FI again 0ne of these best to deal with.

Super Clear and Accurate

I have never heard such clear speakers. Close your eyes and it’s like your right there. The imaging across the front sound stage improved drastically, which surprised me as I didn’t think my old speakers were that bad! I’m powering with a Denon receiver and the power required for loud listening in my large room is very reasonable. I am also impressed by the bass output, when I turn off the sub and set speakers to reference, the frequency response seems very good from high to low. I was concerned the metal tweeter would be harsh, and it is not at all. Very flat response, not bright or dull, just blends in and sounds very realistic. I can’t imagine a speaker sounding any better than these for similar money. I’m happy with this purchase.
I also have SVS Prime centre, elevation surrounds and PC2000 subwoofer. All components work extremely well together, as expected.
Customer service was excellent with very quick, friendly communication.
Delivery took 3 weeks, which was a little longer than expected, but acceptable. Shipping company was a disappointing experience, but that’s not Summit’s fault at all.
One small clarification for customers, I guess the 30 day price protection only covers if Summit lowers their price, not for price matching other retailers. This is acceptable, I just did not find it to be clear when I read the ‘Bill of rights” so I thought it was worth mentioning to help other customers.
Overall this was a good purchase experience for excellent speakers at a reasonable price. I won’t hesitate to recommend Summit Hifi to my friends.

Great subs and outstanding customer service!

Purchased two SVS SB-3000 subs from Summit Hi-Fi. Great price and exceptional customer service from Aamir. I highly recommend Summit Hi-Fi and I will certainly be a returning customer!

Top quality cables

I have made my own speaker cables in the past, I even have some expensive Klipsch cables (which are massive). These cables work well, have good terminations and remain flexible. I have purchased XLR and RCA cables from SVS in the past so I was familiar with the build quality. For bang for your buck these are very good cables. Not cheap by any means but if the cables are visbile they do a nice job of looking premium. I went with banana plugs in both ends.