NuPrime Evolution DAC 2

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NuPrime Evolution DAC-2 utilizes dual ESS Technology 32-bit audio DAC ESS9038Q2M to decode independently left and right channels to improve channel separation and reduce overall noise. It supports nine digital inputs and two analog inputs for complete system flexibility. The power circuit of Evolution DAC-2 has been redesigned from the ground up using C-Core transformers to meet the highest performance requirement of the NuPrime Evolution Series.

Ultra Clean Power Circuit

C-Core Transformer and Large Capacitor Bank

The filtered AC power is then fed to the AC power supply that utilizes C-Core transformers which has less stray flux than conventional ring type transformers. The stainless steel enclosures for the power supply provides shielding to minimize the transformer noise interference affecting other sensitive circuitry.

A large capacitor bank (around 60,000uF) using specialized capacitors, supplies ample and stable power to the analog and digital circuitry.

A Reference Class Preamp

The EVO DAC-2 includes a reference class preamp that utilizes Nisshinbo Micro Device’s MUSES8820 operational amplifier and MUSES72320V electronic volume as its preamplifier circuit architecture. The MUSES8820 is optimized for high-end audio equipment, producing the finest sound quality that emulates the live performance of an orchestra in a hall. On the other hand, the MUSES72320 is a 2-channel electronic volume control designed with advanced circuitry and layout for high-end audio applications. It has low noise and distortion characteristics and utilizes a resistance ladder circuit for highly linear volume control of hi-fi audio systems. Together, these components make the EVO DAC-2 an exceptional preamp, capable of producing a high-quality sound that accurately captures the
nuances and details of a live performance.


  • NuPrime PSRC IC chip provides sample rate up/down conversion processing, from PCM 44.1kHz to PCM 768kHz and DSD64 to DSD512 (including PCM to/from DSD).
  • A proprietary NuPrime implementation capable of decoding DoP formats via coaxial and optical inputs (to support NuPrime source and server devices that are able to output DoP stream in addition to S/PDIF).
  • Output Level variable or fixed mode.
  • Analog outputs channel setting (both outputs can be set to Right, Left, R + L or L + R)
  • Display brightness adjustment.
  • Nine digital inputs and two analog input for complete system flexibility. Full microprocessor control with memory retention for all inputs.
  • Custom designed non-linear volume curve.
  • USB Asynchronous transfer mode.
  • USB Supports DSD native playback by ASIO and DoP method. DSD is decoded natively with the same sample rate as the input source.
  • All digital Supports native MQA decode.
  • Individually adjustable volume on each input for precise level matching of sources
  • Exclusive driver software for Windows, standard driver software for Mac
  • NuPrime vibration-free isolation feet.
  • Available in black or silver anodized aluminum finish

Customer Reviews

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Nuprime Evolution Dac 2

I have had this Dac in my system for about 2 weeks not and I am totally impressed with thus component . Its build quality , multiple connections and ease of use are just some of the highlights. The sound is second to none hearing details in songs that I have missed before on very familiar tracks . By far one of the best Dacs I have had the pleasure of owning and Aamir’s advice and customer service is second to none . Thanks again Aamir

Jerry Deverell
Nuprime EVO DAC 2

I replaced a more expensive DAC with the EVO DAC 2. Aamir said I
would hear an improvement once the EVO DAC was broken in. Aamir was correct, as I noticed a significant improvement when I first connected the EVO. The vocals now had improved clarity and a more natural presentation. The stereo presentation was better and overall imaging was much improved. I have run the EVO DAC for several days and the sound in my system is getting better.
I have a very revealing system using the EVO STA amp, excellent Legacy speakers, a top level streamer, media server, and preamp. I did find that my preamp was a little better than the preamp /volume control in the EVO DAC.
Is there a better DAC than the EVO DAC 2? Possibly for several thousand dollars more. Buying a more expensive DAC than the EVO DAC 2 will only put you deep into the area of diminishing returns. The EVO 2 DAC is a great performance per dollar value.

John H, Calgary AB
Evo DAC 2, EVO STA and Stream9

Aamir has done it again. I decided to transition from my Home Theater set up, to a dedicated 2ch. The Theater was very nice, NAD M17v2, 2 5ch amps, a 2 ch Tonewinner AD 1PA amplifier that was used for 2 front ch. for a 7.2 4 set up. Also had PS Audio M700 monos, and a few other ClassA/B over the last few years as amplifiers for the front 2 ch.
Upon receiving the Nuprime Evolution gear and connecting everything, including a Nuprime Stream 9, the packaging is first class, very nice. Build quality is just next level. Beautiful. Fully featured, state of the art DAC 2 is very impressive with everything an audiophile could want. My ears were treated to a very different presentation than I was used to.

At first it seemed sharp, and a bit lifeless. Nuprime claims a burn in period. I ran it for 4 days. The transformation was quite evident and substantial.
Through my Sonos Faber Sonetto VIII speakers, they sounded unbelievable!, in a way that they seemed like different speakers. A transformation I was not expecting. The Sonettos gained nuance, precision, clarity, dynamics which I was not expecting or thought would be possible. Me really like!

Going through my play list, the soundstage improved dramatically. Wide, deep, and holographic. Imaging is very precise, pinpoint. Instruments, vocals, drums and bass are very defined, and natural sounding. Impact and dynamics are on another level, brings music to life! The treble is as accurate as I have ever heard, but never over the top, decay, air, small nuances are all presented wonderfully! Same with the midrange, and bass. So engaging to listen to!
Noise? absolutely zero. Instruments appear out of thin air, as well as vocals from a dead silent background. To say I am impressed is an understatement. The new EVO2 DAC and the STA amplifier combo are a perfect match, transformed my music to a place I never thought possible. Everyone who has listened to my set up has been shocked and amazed at how it presents music.
Aamir has been over the years, (yes, years), is the finest retailer I have ever dealt with. Buying ALOT of equipment over that time, helping me get to this point in my audio journey. I am very happy!! His recommendations, knowledge, and personal customer service is unique in this world. Many, many thanks Aamir!

Pierre G.
Above and beyond

Purchased the Evolution to step up from my current Audio-GD ESS9018 DAC/Preamp. The Evolution is connected to a Nuprime STA-9X power amp via XLR to feed my 'small' Focal Utopia speakers.
In few words, it is not a step up, it is wayyyy up ! The DAC is subtil, revealing plenty of details, and adding huge depth. It's also going further on the bass range, and the high are crystal clear. Listening 2-3 hours per day, without any fatigue, and a big smile.
I love the result. It's a perfect match, thanks Aamir !!
I'm discovering plenty of details on my referenced and loved albums. Waouh. Now I got full MQA, and the oversampling from Nuprime chip is a real plus.
What an awesome result ...
I did not expected such improvement.
Good job Nuprime, and good advice Aamir.

Evolution DAC

Wow, what a big difference from all those other DAC I used this one has a three dimensional sound stage, good bass,and to top it off MQA.. Excelant service ,couldn't ask for anything,five stars. Thanks Aamir