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Tonewinner AD-1PRE+Preamplifier Class A/B DAC ES9038 32bits 768kHz DSD512 

Photo of Tonewinner AD-1PRE+ preamplifier

The Tonewinner AD-1PRE+ is a versatilepreamplifier that offers a number of interesting features. In fact, it incorporates quality components such as an ES9038 DAC chip combined with two optical inputs, a CT7601PR USB interface, as well as a combination of no less than 9 AOPs (5x OPA1612, 4x OPA1632, 1x OPA1642) and a MUSES72323 volume controller. These components enable it to decode high-resolution streams up to PCM 32bit 768kHz and DSD up to DSD512, delivering a warm final sound with low noise and distortion over a wide dynamic range. When it comes to connectivity, the Tonewinner AD-1PRE+ preamplifier is also extremely complete. Inputs include 4 unbalanced RCA inputs, including two phono inputs (for MM and MC cells), one balanced XLR input, two coaxial SPDIF inputs, two Toslink optical inputs and one USB-B input. Outputs include 2 RCA line outputs and 1 XLR balanced line output. Finally, a trigger connector and remote control enhance the user experience.

Tonewinner AD-1PRE+ highlights

Tonewinner AD-1PRE+: an audiophile amplification stage

As the ToneWinner AD-1PRE+ is above all a Class A/B preamplifier, the brand has chosen audiophile components for its amplification stage. There are 5 AOP OPA1612, 4 AOP OPA1632 and 1 AOP OPA1642. These components deliver low-noise, low-distortion sound, for a pure, transparent signal at the AD-1PRE+'s outputs.

Photo des AOP du préamplificateur casque AD-1PRE+
Photo de la puce DAC ES9038 PRO et de l'interface USB CT7601PR du préamplificateur Tonewinner AD-1PRE+

Tonewinner AD-1PRE+: ES9038 DAC and CT7601PR USB interface

The AD-1PRE+'s optical and digital input interface incorporates an ESS Technology ES9038 32-bit DAC chip and USB interface. This enables this preamplifier to support high-resolution PCM 32bit 768kHz, DSD DoP256 and native DSD streams up to DSD512. In addition, it supports numerous formats such as SACD, ISO, DST and DFF. These features allow you to make the most of your music library, and to link a wide range of devices to the AD-1PRE+, from CD/SACD players to network players.

Tonewinner AD-1PRE+: Phono-compatible inputs

This preamplifier features two Phono-compatible RCA inputs, one MM-cell-compatible input and one MC-cell-compatible input. A very useful feature for fans of 33 rpm and 45 rpm records, who will be able to use the AD-1PRE+ directly with their turntable and enjoy their vinyl collection with a high-end Hi-Fi system.

Photo des entrées phono du préamplificateur Tonewinner AD-1PRE+

Tonewinner AD-1PRE+ preamplifier overview

Connection diagram of the Tonewinner AD-1PRE+ preamplifier
1 2x RCA stereo line outputs 
2 XLR balanced line output
3 2x RCA stereo inputs: MC phono compatible / MM phono compatible 
4 2x stereo RCA inputs (CD, AUX)
5 Balanced XLR input
6 2x SPDIF Coaxial inputs / 2x Toslink optical inputs
7 Trigger
8 USB-B input
10 IEC power supply

Technical characteristics

Product type Preamplificateur / DAC
Amplification class A/B
DAC chip ES9038
OPA 5x OPA1612
4x OPA1632
1x OPA1642
Volume control MUSES72323
Inputs 4x RCA stereo input (Phono MM, Phono MC, CD, AUX)
1x Balanced XLR input
2x SPDIF coaxial input
2x Toslink optical input
1x USB-B input
Outputs 2x RCA stereo output
1x XLR stereo output
Supported sample rates USB: PCM 32bit 768kHz, DSD DoP256, native DSD512
Optical: 24bit 192kHz, DSD DoP64
Supported audio formats SACD, ALAC, APE, DIFF, DSF, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AAC, MP3, WMA
Nominal input impedance 20 kΩ (analog inputs)
THD ≤ 0.0035% (1kHz)
SNR ≥ 110dB (A-weighted, direct analog)
Frequency response 10Hz-180kHz (+1/-3dB, direct analog)
Crosstalk ≥ 102dB (1kHz, analog)
Alimentation 110V-115V AC 60Hz, 220V-230V AC 50Hz
Dimensions 444 × 106 × 424mm
Net weight 9.7kg
Color Silver
Package 1x Tonewinner AD-1PRE+ preamplifier
1x Remote control
1x Power cable

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