AT-300 - 16 Pre-Pro with AD-7100 7x170 Watts Amp Combo

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Tone Winner AT-300 16 channel home theatre AV processor & AD-7100 Amp Combo 




Main features:
  • Supports Dolby Atmos, DolbyTrue HD & all the previous Dolby   audio formats.
  • Supports DTS:X, DTS-Master & all the previous HD audio formats.
  • Support HDMI2.0 & HDCP2.2.
  • Supports 4K/60Hz,RGB 4:4:4, 18GHz full bandwidth video signal
  • Supports DolbyVision and HDR 10 video signal.
  • Supports stacked OSD menu operation display.
  • Supports 9.3.4 or 7.3.6 in total 16 channels Dolby Atmos decoding lineout output.
  • Built-in auto room correction by Tone Winner
  • Built-in Bluetooth audio receiver function.
  • Built-in audio player function, support files playing from TF card & USB disk,
  • Supports several lossless & compressed audio format files playing, such as FLAC,APE, WAV, MP3 & etc; support multi-layer folder management.
  • Supports smart phone App control to be added in the future.
  • Supports over 12 variations of speaker configuration from 2.0 channel to 7.3.6
  • 6 HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI outputs, 2 coaxial inputs, 2 optical inputs & 3 analogue audio inputs.
  • RS232 integrated controller, IR inputs and Trigger outputs.
  • Supports HDMI ARC, eARC and CEC.
  • Up to 1 second lip sync adjustment.
  • Each channel has 7 to 11 band EQ adjustment.
  • Latest  ADI new dual core DSP.



AD-7100 Amplifier 7x170 Watts at 8 Ohms with massive Toroidal Transformer 


The AD-7100 is the perfect amplifier to form the basis of a truly superb 7.1 channel surround sound or two channel audiophile stereo listening.

The AD-7100 has it all: enough power to drive any speaker cleanly and effortlessly, incredible clarity and detail, vanishingly low noise and distortion, and good looks with beautiful blue LED Lights on the front panel.

Our new AD-7100 carries cutting edge design, a massively over-designed power supply and output stages. We used high quality parts and construction throughout, to provide incredibly excellent sound quality, and exceptional value for our friends. 

The new AD-7100 delivers >170 watts per channel into 8 ohms. All channels driven, at less than 0.1% THD+N. It is absolutely stable into virtually every real-world speaker load. You'll ever encounter, and will never allow the slightest hint of strain or harshness to intrude on your musical experience. 

Features offered by the AD-7100 Amplifier:

  • True audiophile-quality sound - the AD-7100 was designed first and foremost to sound superb in both music and home theatre systems.
  • Great sounding Class A/B topology and advanced engineering - ensure smooth, detailed sound and incredibly natural imaging while maintaining efficient performance.
  • Heavy duty power supply with oversized toroidal transformer - provides plenty of real power for demanding program material, and has plenty of reserves to deliver signal peaks without any sense of strain.
  • Top quality parts and construction throughout - promise years of reliable service.
  • Totally stable - designed for use in the real world, with real speakers.
  • New styling - Front panel Consist of LEDs light on L/R side of the amplifier.  
  • Toggle switch  - lets you disable the LEDs for discreet operation.
  • Heavy steel 4RU chassis with milled aluminum face plate - provide strength and rugged good looks.
  • Gold plated Seven -way speaker binding posts with clear shields - allow you to use a wide range of speaker cables with bare wires, lugs, or banana plugs.
  • Solid machined gold-plated RCA input connectors - provide a reliable connection with a wide variety of audio interconnects.
  • unbalanced 7 inputs - RCA
  • Remote trigger input and output - allow the AD-7100 to be turned on by trigger-enabled equipment, and to activate other trigger-enabled equipment.
  • Audiophile-grade fault protection - entirely transparent under normal conditions, yet protects the amp and your other equipment from all common fault conditions.
  • Universal AC line voltage operation - 120/220 VAC 
  • Standard IEC power inlet - fits all standard and audiophile IEC power cables. 
  • Fully transferable 2 - year warranty and Trade-In Program - ensures that you'll be able to enjoy your AD-7100 for years to come



Audio Specifications:

120V parameters are in blue
240V parameters are in red

  • Topology: Fully discrete, dual differential, high current, short signal path Class A/B - Linear  power supply.
  • Numbers of Channel: 7 Channels - High powered single channel modules.
  • Power Output: ( Rated Power; THD <0.1% @ 115V (Tested @ AC 115V) - (AC 240V Will Increase the output wattage and maintain the THD<0.1%.)
  • 168.8/176.4watts RMS/channel; 20 Hz – 20 kHz; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; one channel driven.
  • 283/297.3 watts RMS/channel; 20 Hz – 20 kHz; THD<0.2%; 4 Ohms; one channel driven.
  • 153/164 watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; two channels driven.
  • 248/272 watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 4 Ohms; two channels driven.
  • 107/120.2 watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; all 7 channels driven.
  • Power Bandwidth (at rated power; 8 Ohm load): 20 Hz to 20kHz (+ / – 0.1 dB).
  • Broad-Band Frequency Response: 20 Hz to75 kHz +0/-2 dB.
  • THD + noise: < 0.0073%; at 100 watts RMS; 1 kHz; 8 Ohms.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (8 Ohm load):
  • > 115.5/111.84 dB; ref FTC rated power; unbalanced input (A-weighted).
  • > 91 dB; ref 1 watt; unbalanced input (A-weighted).
  • Minimum Recommended Load Impedance (per channel): 4 Ohms (which equals one 4 Ohm load or two paralleled 8 Ohm loads).
  • Damping Factor (8 Ohm load): > 121.3.
  • Input Sensitivity (for rated power; 8 Ohm load): 1.5 V.
  • Gain: 29.85 dB.
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 1338/1466 watts.
  • Power Supply: 115V-230V linear power supply
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Modules: Separate Heatsinks for individual modules. 
  • Color: Black
  • Front Panel: blue LED lights 
  • Weight: 31.3KGS ( 69 Lb)
  • Unit size: 17.48 L X 18.43 W X 7.09 H Inches
  • Package size:22.44 L X 24.25 W X 12.99 H Inches
  • Accessories: Power cord cable.
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Crain
The Magical Combo!: AT-300-16 with two AD-7300 2.0 Amplifiers

Configured in a 9.2.4 setup, these components are delivering on all levels. I have yet to integrate my MiniDSP DIRAC gear because it already sounds amazing… but will soon. Having upgraded from a 7.2 setup, I find myself rewatching movies just because of the awesome sound experience. The AT-300-16 is not perfect operationally, an occasional reboot is necessary, but it performs very well and is the best value on the market. It allowed me to get into a quality 14-channel system much sooner than I could have otherwise justified ($$$). A special thanks to Amir for his great customer service. I certainly felt like I was in good hands!

Clarence Hill
Very good quality

This combo has more than enough power and detail for my 5.1 av needs. I can’t give much more detail than that as I just got it installed today. But I have to add that the vendor is very attentive and made the whole transaction very comfortable and secure