NuPrime Evolution Two Power Amplifier

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NuPrime Evolution Two Mono Power Amplifier

The NuPrime Evolution Two offers a proprietary Only Distortion Cancellation (ODC) design, advancing the state-of-the-art Class-D for the past decade. This design derives the error signal from MOSFET devices and the output filter circuit directly, significantly reducing the negative feedback signal, which resulted in a substantial reduction in distortion. With a massive RMS power of 600W @4Ohm and yet achieving ultra-low distortion of THD+N of 0.003% @1kHz(5W), 0.006@1kHz(100W) and less than 0.006% THD+N at 1KHZ(2W~100W), it is a stunning achievement by itself. This breakthrough improvement in Class-D design resulted in a natural and pure sound characteristic.


  • NuPrime breakthrough Only Distortion Cancellation (ODC) Class D design.
  • Preamp stage and Class D oscillation circuit utilizing high-end NJR MUSES8820 op-amp.
  • 650KHz high-speed switching frequency allows greater resolution to be achieved.
  • The 900W(Peak power) high-power ultra-thin toroidal transformer power supply has been enhanced to deliver cleaner and more stable power with a lower noise floor. The entire power path fully adopts 40A ultra-high current and low resistance terminals. Improve current dynamic capability. Total of 48400uF (one channel ) power supply filter capacitors.
  • High quality copper PCB trace instead of usual cables are used to connect the power supply to the amplifier’s circuitry, maximizing power delivery.
  • Hybrid Class-D technology that retains the merits of both Class-A and Class-D amplification.
  • A mono implementation.


  • Power Output (RMS): 300W @ 8 Ohms , 600W @ 4 Ohms
  • Power Output (peak): 410W @ 8 Ohms , 820W @ 4 Ohms
  • Gain: x21
  • Sensitivity (to rated power): 2.1Vrms
  • Input Impedance: 47K Ohms
  • WATT / THD / S/N (typcial) : @5W (0.003% ,95db) , @50W (0.006% , 105db) , @100w (0.006% , 108dB)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 50kHz (-3dB)
  • Trigger IN
  • Standby Power : 1W @ 115V outlet, 1W @ 230V outlet
  • Idle Power : 16W @ 115V outlet, 14W @ 230V outlet
  • Worldwide AC voltage: (115VAC / 230VAC) with Voltage Select Switch
  • AC Fuse : Slow blow , 7A , 250VAC
  • Dimension : 430mm x 372mm x 66.5mm
  • Weight : 10Kg
  • Color : Black or Silver

Customer Reviews

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Nu Prime Evolution Two Amplifier

I have had the pleasure of having these amps in my 2 channel and HT system for about 3 weeks now . These amps are incredible. Lots of power , lush midrange with an excellent bottom end . Massive soundstage and very easy to listen to with no fatigue. Built extremely well . I like how compact they are for height . Aamir highly recommended these amps to me and I am sure glad he did .

Changli Wang
Nuprime EVO 2

Outstanding product and customer service, couldn’t ask for better!
I have had several very expensive amplifiers including Macintosh, PS Audio, Pass Labs, Audio research, Martin Logan and Accuphase and none of them can match the sound of Evo 2 period! But what is better than these amps is the customer service and friendship you receive from Aamir, is truly an ultimate and I am not joking!
Thanks again for everything my friend and pleasure doing business with you, CW.