NuPrime Evolution One Power Amplifier

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NuPrime Evolution One Monoblock

“I was totally surprised at the level of musicality and reality that the Evo Ones demonstrated. I always regarded the Refernce 20s as a statement product. They were completely surpassed by the Evo’s in the first 10 seconds of a tract from “Jazz in the Key of Blue.” Never heard a flugelhorn with such body, articulation and transient speed. The Evo’s gave the finest rendition of the Bach Cello Suites I have ever heard. Seemingly, the Evo One’s combine the palpability and presence of the best tube amps with the speed and articulation of the best solid state amps.” What an achievement!” 

- Terry Patrick

In June of 2018, a group of five audiophiles joined together at a customers house in Ottawa to hear the very first NuPrime Evo One amplifier to arrive in North America. To read comments from that listening session please click on the following link: Evo One First Review and Listening Session

The NuPrime Audio Evo One mono amplifier is the finest amplifier ever produced by NuPrime Audio. More than a simple continuation in design the highly regarded NuForce Reference 18 and Reference 20 amplifiers, the all new Evo One features several key innovations never before seen in a class A/D amplifier at any price from any manufacturer. The Evo One has been carefully crafted to achieve a performance that surpasses the Reference range performance in all areas.

  • An all new power supply unit provides the ultimate in clean, stable power - essential for the purest, most transparent sound you have ever experienced and lowers the noise floor beyond the capability of measurement.

  • The amplifier circuitry features an all new input stage with a 1MΩ input impedance. The high input impedance allows the pre-amplifier to see a much easier load and hence introduces less harmonic distortion and phase delay to the system.

  • The amplifier features the latest NuPrime 700KHz high-speed switching Class-D module which allows for greater resolution to be achieved.

  • High-speed computing simulations were performed for the Evo One design, in order to achieve the highest input impedance and the lowest phase delay.

  • High Quality copper strips instead of usual cables are used to connect the power supply to the amplifier’s circuitry, maximizing power delivery.

The Evo One outperforms its predecessors in every aspect offering a significantly wider and deeper soundstage, faster dynamics with greater dynamic range, lower distortion and noise, and a cleaner background that provides for greater musical detail and subtle nuances.

The Evo One has the power and current to drive the world's most demanding speakers with authority. It is unquestionably the finest amplifier that NuPrime Audio has ever designed and it's destined to be another award-winning product and a favorite of reviewers around the globe.


  • Power Output (rated) : 240W @ 8 Ohms, 330W @ 4 Ohms
  • Power Output (peak) : 285W @ 8 Ohms, 390W @ 4 Ohms
  • Gain : x 28
  • Max output current 25A
  • Sensitivity (to rated power) : 1.5Vrms
  • Input Impedance : 1M Ohms
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) : 0.01%
  • Frequency Response : 0Hz to 50kHz (-3dB)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) : 91dB @ 10W
  • Standby Power : 1.6W @ 115V outlet, 1.7W @ 230V outlet
  • Idle Power : 17.4W @ 115V outlet, 18.7W @ 230V outlet
  • Worldwide AC voltage : (115VAC / 230VAC) with Voltage Select Switch
  • AC Fuse: Slow blow, 5A, 250VAC
  • Color: Black or Silver

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Kalpesh Joshi
Nuprime EVO ONE

Finest amplifier. Top of the line detail in movies and music. Thanks Aamir for these.